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Yummy Low Sodium Snacks

Yummy low sodium snacks are healthy and satisfying when you know which ones to choose! Everyone loves snacking on something crunchy and salty during the day when you are sitting at your desk before or after lunch. Picking low sodium snacking options can be just as delicious and much better for your health.

there are many healthy and delicious low sodium snacks from whole fruit to home made popcorn and kale chips.
Whole fruit is the perfect low sodium snack

We all know that too much sodium in your diet can be bad for your overall health. Too much salt in your diet can lead to high blood pressure, hypertension and other heart-related problems. The National Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that we should eat less than 2,300 mg of salt per day for better health.

Unfortunately, salt is in everything from cold cuts, canned goods, bread, to all processed foods and prepared snacks. At work, it is hard to find a healthy option in the break room vending machine that is low in sodium.

There are snacks that are healthy, delicious and low in sodium that you may not have considered. The following is a list of low sodium healthy options.

  1. Whole Fruit is naturally low in salt, high in potassium and fiber, and it is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Fruit can be delivered directly to your office via a corporate fruit delivery company.
  2. Unsalted Tail Mix is another yummy option. Mixed nuts, dried fruit, and seeds are also full of protein.
  3. Vegetables and Greek yogurt dip is low fat, low salt and it is rich in vitamins, fiber and low in sodium. Cut up raw carrots, cucumber, broccoli, red bell pepper, and cherry tomatoes to dip into a low salt dressing or yogurt-based dip.
  4. Fruit Smoothies are also low in sodium. Blend one cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk with mixed greens like kale and spinach and add a scoop of vegan chocolate protein for a filling and healthy snack.
  5. Kale chips are nature’s superfood. It is packed with vitamins C, K, calcium and beta-carotene. Season kale leaves with your favorite herbs and spices and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 250 degrees.
  6. Spiced Popcorn is another low sodium snack. Forget the microwave popcorn you find in the grocery store and pop some plain popcorn on the stove or in the microwave at home. Spray some oil on the popcorn and add your favorite spice like paprika, garlic powder or chili powder.