Fruit Fresh Delivery started providing fresh fruit to South Florida offices in 2011. Since then, we have grown to service the entire State of Florida. Delivering more than 1,000,000 servings of fresh fruit in 2018!

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Based on the number of employees and the variety of your fruits

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Place your order and choose how often you’d like fresh fruit delivered. 

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Taking care of our community! 

After School Program

Fruit Fresh believes that healthy children make a healthy generation, that’s why we support Local after-school program, so nothing goes to waste!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver to my area?

If you are located in the State of Florida, we can deliver.  We also “next day” FedEx anywhere in the state of Florida and 2-day shipping in the South East U.S.A. Or you can just call us and ask: 561-404-9874

Is there an extra delivery charge?

Yes, we have to pay our wonderful drivers!  Delivery fee can range from $5 to $10 and you do not have to tip our drivers…. just keep ordering from us!

Why if I put in an order can I not have it delivered immediately?

Our deliveries are done on a ‘round’ basis which helps to maximize efficiency and minimize our food miles so your postcode will determine which delivery round you fit in to and determine which day each week a delivery would be made to your area.

What should I do with my empty box after delivery?

We encourage everyone to RECYCLE!   The night before your next delivery, please place your  box where your driver leaves your new box.