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Weight Management in the Workplace

Weight management in the workplace is a subject that Companies across the country are taking very seriously. As the obesity rate continues to climb to almost 40%, employers are desperate to find creative ways to encourage their employees to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Employers face skyrocketing healthcare costs which have been increasing between 5-7% per year.

Weight management in the workplace is key to lowering healthcare costs

The cost of employee healthcare has increased from $14,099 per employee in 2018 to more than $14, 800 in 2019. When employees have a BMI, a Body Mass Index of more than 25, healthcare costs jump another $4,000 per employee. The fact is that 50% of all Americans have a chronic illness which is either obesity or high blood pressure. The sickest 5% of employees account for 50% of healthcare costs. The healthiest 50% of employees account for only 3% of total healthcare costs. Employee weight management is front and center for every company in America.

Both obesity and high blood pressure can be greatly reduced with healthy lifestyle changes to include weight management and nutrition programs. Employers know improving the health of their employees will result in lower healthcare costs and improved productivity.

Wellness programs that reward employee participation when they meet their health goals are a great way to help employees with weight loss. Educating employees about the importance of nutrition and how eating foods that are high in fiber, low in sugar and are not processed can make them feel better, lose weight and help the company’s overall productivity.

Some great ways to encourage a healthier workforce include:

Removing sugary drinks and processed snacks from vending machines

Provide fresh fruit and other healthy snacks such as nuts or granola in break rooms

On-site fitness classes and equipment

Gym membership discounts

Company sports teams

Encourage employees to walk the stairs and avoid the elevators

Weight management in the workplace is essential to improve employee health and to lower skyrocketing healthcare costs. Programs which teach nutrition and the importance of healthy eating habits combined with a weight loss program that incentivizes employee participation is key to keeping American Companies healthy!