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Weed May Help You Lose Weight

Weed may help you lose weight in spite of the fact that it stimulates the appetite. This is according to a new study from Indiana University’s biological sciences department who conducted 17 studies which included 156,000 participants. The bottom line was those who smoked some weed were lighter than those who did not. In fact, those who smoked had a BMI 7% lower than those who did not smoke weed.

Weed may help you lose weight as THC boosts metabolism and helps improve gut bacteria
Weed may help you lose weight

It has been found that THC increases metabolism over time. Weed does cause the munchies after you smoke, but the increases in the metabolism outweigh the short term munchies and help with weight loss. Scientists are now trying to create new strains of weed that do not cause the munchies which would be even better news for those who are trying to lose weight.

To take advantage of weed’s weight loss benefits, you do not have to smoke on a regular basis. Smoking weed just one time can boost a person’s metabolism for up to four weeks. It is the THC, not the CBD which is the nonpsychoactive part of the cannabidiol that helps keep you thinner. The American diet is very high in omega-6 fatty acids which are in vegetable oil and butter. When you consume too much omega-6 fatty acids, it leads to inflammation in the body. It also overstimulates a receptor known as CB1R which causes increased hunger, slows metabolic rates and causes the body to store more fat. THC can communicate with this receptor and helps keep things balanced. It is this communication between THC and the receptor that reduces hunger and helps with weight gain.

Another interesting finding is that THC can also improve the gut biome which also affects your weight. Obesity is linked to higher levels of gut bacteria and the THC helps normalize the gut bacteria to prevent weight gain.

Weed may help you lose weight but you can’t depend on smoking weed alone for weight loss. It is still necessary to adopt a healthier lifestyle to include exercise and a healthy diet. You cannot consume a diet high in fat, sugar and artificial sweeteners and sit on the couch and smoke a joint and expect to lose weight. Weed can help you fight inflammation, improve gut bacteria and boost your metabolism. You do not have to smoke a lot of weed to benefit. Like anything else, moderation is the key. As weed becomes legal for recreational consumption across the country, there will be a lot more information on all the health benefits of this natural medicine.