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Walking is a Perfect Exercise for Weight Loss

Walking is a perfect exercise for weight loss. Walking is easy on the joints and walking just 30 minutes a day can help you drop extra pounds.

Walking for 30 minutes per day is a great way to lose weight.  Add intervals and other exercises during the routine to see even calories burned.
Walking is a perfect exercise for weight loss

Walking 30 minutes a day burns approximately 200 calories. Some of those calories come from burning fat which is what most people want to burn to see results more quickly.

There are things you can do during your 30-minute walk to increase the number of calories you burn. Walking up hills or walking on a treadmill at an incline will add intensity to your workout and burn more calories.

Adding short power walk intervals to your routine is another way to boost your metabolism and burn more calories. Walking at a faster pace for one minute then slowing down for 30 seconds is also a great way to lose more weight. Changing up your routine is key to enjoying your workout and burning calories.

Running for one minute intervals is the best way to burn the most calories. Running for as little as 10-20 seconds at a time is still enough to burn more calories during the 30-minute workout.

The key to not hitting a weight-loss plateau is variety! As you get stronger each week, it is important to change up your 30-minute workout and add more challenging exercises. Adding some pushups, lunges or burpees will add intensity to the workout and you will see a big difference in the number of calories burned.

If you are a beginner to exercise, start by walking 3-4 times per week. Once you are conditioned, walking 5-7 days per week is the best way to get in shape to see real weight loss results. It’s key to add intervals like sprints, power walking or other exercises to your workouts for maximum benefits.

If you don’t have 30 minutes a day to workout, you can still reap the weight loss benefits. You can break up the 30 minutes into multiple shorter workouts. No walk is too short! As long as you do 30 minutes per day, you will see results.

Walking is fun, it is gentle on your body, and it is a great way to help you lose weight. If you don’t like to walk alone, try walking with a friend or a dog. Walking is a perfect exercise for weight loss as long as you do it consistently. To lose more weight, add weight training and eat a healthy diet. Stay away from processed foods, red meat, and white flour. Eat more fish, chicken, veggies, and snack on some fresh fruit. Fruit will give you energy, fuel your brain and keep you feeling full longer as it contains a lot of fiber. Enjoy your walk!