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Tiger Woods and Why He Chews Gum on the Golf Course

Tiger Woods and why he chews gum on the golf course is a subject that he was asked about recently after his iconic comeback win at this year’s Masters.

Tiger chewing gum during the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta.  He chews to keep his hunger in check.
Tiger chewing gum during the Masters

There are many different reasons professional golfers chew gum while they are playing. Phil Mickelson said he chews gum because it stimulates his frontal cortex. He explained that it stimulates his brain and helps him concentrate better when he is playing. Jordan Spieth is also another gum chewing golfer. He explains that chewing gum helps him relax and it relieves stress.

Tiger Woods was asked after his first Major Tournament win since 2008 at Augusta why he was chewing gum. Tiger said that he chews gum because he is always hungry and it prevents him from eating all day while he is playing. He said chewing gum curbs his appetite.

His reason for chewing gum had nothing to do with relieving stress, helping him focus or helping with the jitters under pressure. There were so many people speculating that maybe he was chewing CBD gum to help with inflammation and sore joints. CBD gum helps with anxiety and stress which would make perfectly good sense that it would be a good choice for professional golfers.

CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical found in hemp plants. CBD is now one of the fastest growing alternative therapies for many illness and medical conditions. It is known to help fight inflammation and help ease muscle and joint aches and pains. USADA has approved the use of CBD for golfers and other professional athletes.

Hemp is now legal to grow in most states under the new farm bill. Now CBD products such as CBD gum can be sold anywhere in the U.S. Hemp contains CBD and little to no THC. Now that the USADA has approved CBD for athletes, the demand for hemp products is skyrocketing. CBD products come in many different forms. You can buy tinctures, capsules, roll-ons, teas, snacks, and lotions. CBD is being added to many snacks and drink as well.

Tiger Woods and why he chews gum on the golf course is nothing more than a way to keep his appetite suppressed while he’s playing. He doesn’t need it to keep him calm or to help him focus. His meticulous and tough practice sessions are what keeps him calm and focused. It’s his hard work, not the gum that helps him win.

Tiger Woods does love to snack on fresh fruit to give him energy while playing.