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There are Many Calcium and Iron Myths

There are many calcium and iron myths. I heard my entire life that if I didn’t finish my milk, I would not grow up to have strong bones and teeth.  I needed to drink a lot of milk to get my calcium which prevents osteoporosis.  How does this affect our health if we are not drinking milk and consuming dairy products?  Let’s look at some of the myths about calcium in a Plant-Based Diet.

You don’t need to drink milk to get your calcium

The danger with calcium is consuming too much of it can cause the very problems you are trying to avoid such as osteoporosis!  Dairy is very acidic and the body has to work really hard to bring the food into a balanced Ph level.  The body does this by pulling calcium from the bones to bring the Ph back to a more alkaline state.  Since plants are already alkaline, they are easily absorbed and assimilated.  So, check out these plant-based foods high in calcium:

Plant-Based Foods High in Calcium

Soybeans 175 mg

Okra 172 mg

Almonds 1 oz 75 mg

Collard Greens 266 mg

Oranges 1/2 cup 52 mg

Spinach 1 cup 245 mg

Broccoli 2 cups 124 mg

Sesame seeds 1/4 cup 351 mg

Brazil nuts 2 oz 90 mg

Celery 2 cups 81 mg (great with peanut butter for a snack!)

How many times have you heard you need to eat your red meat for your Iron??  Iron isn’t in vegetables….haha!  Obviously they have no idea that there are many plants that have more iron than does meat!  Not enough iron and you could become anemic which is a serious illness and causes fatigue, weakness and depression.  There are 2 kinds of iron: heme iron from meat and non heme iron from plants.  There is no need to load your body up with meats which are acidic and cause lots of other health problems…because you can get plenty of Iron from your plant-based diet.  Let’s take a look:

Plant-Based Foods High in Iron

(RDA 8-18mg iron / day; 100g equals about 2 cups)

Food Iron Content (mg)

Pumpkin Seeds (1/2 cup) 20.7

Soybeans (cooked, 1 cup) 8.8

Sesame Seeds (1 cup) 7.4

Blackstrap Molasses (2tbsp) 7.2

Sundried Tomatoes (100g) 9.1

Dried Apricots (100g – about 20) 6.3

Lentils (1 cup) 6.6

Spinach (1 cup) 6.4

Tofu (4 ounces) 6.4

Quinoa (1 cup) 6.3

Tempeh (1 cup) 4.8

Chickpeas (cooked, 1 cup) 4.7

Lima Beans (cooked, 1 cup) 4.5

Black-Eyed Peas (cooked, 1 cup) 4.3

Swiss Chard (cooked, 1 cup) 4.0

Black Beans (1 cup) 3.6

Kidney Beans (1 cup) 3.0

Pinto Beans (1 cup) 3.5

Potato (1) 3.2

Prune Juice (8 oz.) 3.0

Beet Greens (cooked, 1 cup) 2.7

Raisins (1/2 cup) 1.6

Kale (cooked, 1 cup)  1.2

There are many calcium and iron myths. So next time you hear someone lecturing you on why you should eat red meat to get your iron and drink your milk for your calcium, you know what to say to them!  You will be healthier and thinner as you move toward a plant-based diet and Lifestyle.