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The Myth of Meat and Dairy

b2ap3_thumbnail_Dairy_myth.pngWe grew up with our Moms telling us to drink our milk so we can grow strong and healthy bones.  We were also taught that we need red meat for protein and that as women we needed it for the iron to keep us healthy.  Of course our parents were telling us what they knew to be true.  All the FDA food guidelines promoted the meat and dairy as large parts of the healthy American diet.  Dairy Farmers and the Meat Industry have been pushing the health benefits of “lean” red meats and pork as being a healthy white meat for decades.  They don’t  broadcast their use of inhumane growing/slaughter procedures and they don’t talk much about the antibiotics and hormones they give these animals to keep them disease free while they are alive and the use of dangerous hormones to fatten them up to make more money.  These practices add additional health problems for the people that consume these animals..that’s another subject.

Today we know that this is all a bunch of Bull.  The fact is that the more red meat that is consumed, the higher the rate of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.  Saturated fat in meat and dairy have been linked to cancer and pre-cancer growths.  Even small amounts of red meat have a huge negative impact on your health.  Consider this: 3 oz. of red meat has 70 mg of saturated fat which is 1/2 of the U.S. RDA.  This fat leads to increased cholesterol levels which in turn leads to heart disease and stroke.  The more red meat that is consumed, the greater risk of type 2 diabetes.

Chicken is also considered a healthier choice of protein source over red meat.  Truth be told it can have just as much saturated fat as red meat.  Fish also has approx. 50 mg cholesterol per serving which is huge.  Eggs….212 mg cholesterol per egg.  This is the same amount of cholesterol found in 2 Whoppers from Burger King.  Our beloved 8 oz. glass of milk packs enough saturated fat to equal eating 4 strips of bacon!

The bad news about meat and dairy is that they are all acidic foods.  This means that they cause inflammation in the body which suppresses the body’s natural ability to fight disease, stress and outside toxins.  Our immune system gets worn down in this acidic environment and can’t do it’s job to fight outside invasions that are dangerous to our health.  Inflammation causes premature aging, arthritis, Alzheimers, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure and cholesterol.  The bottom line is the root causes of our unhealthy American lifestyle are caused by our huge consumption of meat, dairy and processed foods!  


90% of all Western Disease is preventable and curable through lifestyle and dietary changes!  A Plant Based Diet is the Cure!  It’s easy and delicious and it can change your life!