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The Boston Bruins and Their Hunt For A Seventh Stanley Cup Championship

The Boston Bruins and their hunt for a seventh Stanley Cup Championship is a subject that most hockey fans are not interested in hearing about. In fact, if you are not from Boston, you most likely hate the Boston Bruins as much as you hate the Red Sox and the New England Patriots.

The Bruins have won six Stanley Cup Championships and are currently tied for fourth most of all-time with the Chicago Blackhawks. The NHL team with the most Stanley Cup Championships is the Detroit Red Wings who have won eleven.

The last time the Boston Bruins brought home the Stanley Cup was in 2011. They defeated the Western Conference Champion Vancouver Canucks 4-3.

In 2019, the Boston Bruins are up against the St. Louis Blues. The Blues are the oldest active NHL team never to have never won a Stanley Cup. The team has been in the NHL for 51 years. The Blues have played in the Stanley Cup finals three times, 1968, 1969 and 1970.

The Blues faced off against the Boston Bruins in the 1970 Stanley Cup Championship and lost 4-0. The Boston Bruins with the most famous defensemen of all time, Bobby Orr, won in overtime in game 4. In fact, the most iconic photo in NHL history was of Bobby Orr flying through the air after his winning goal in the last game of the finals. It was in 1970 when these two teams last met in the Stanley Cup Championship finals.

Winning goal by Bobby Orr Game 4 1970 vs St. Louis Blues

Both teams are tough and both teams want to win. Boston’s dream team lineup has not been looking great in the first two games. The Boston Bruins are battle tested and they will certainly come back in Game 3 firing on all cylinders. The Blues have to continue to push the Bruins and continue their momentum from Game 2.

It would be a great comeback story if the St. Louis Blues win over the Boston Bruins and take the Stanley Cup. I think all NHL fans would love to see it happen, except for us Boston fans.

The players need to keep themselves hydrated and healthy to be at their best for the upcoming games. Snacking on fresh fruit will give them the energy they need to play their best.

The Boston Bruins and their hunt for a seventh Stanley Cup Championship will be exciting to watch. May the best team win!