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  • Fruit Infused Water

    Updated 12-18-2016
    Drinking enough water is essential to optimum health.  Water regulates our body temperature.  Water  protects our vital organs and keeps our skin hydrated. Water is necessary for weight loss!  I love water but many people think it’s so boring and has no taste.  Here are always looking for more interesting tastes to add to […]

  • Healthy Snacking to Stay Hydrated and Full of Energy

    Updated 12-23-2016

    Here are some really awesome healthy and quick snacking ideas when you spend long hours at work inside or outside.  

    1.  Sliced Veggies with Spinach Hummus
    Cut up carrots, peppers, celery and mix some fresh chopped spinach into plain hummus for extra energy!

    2.  Turkey Roll ups
    All natural turkey slices with no sodium nitrate with julienned […]