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Starting a Plant-Based Diet

Starting a Plant-Based Diet is easier than you think!

Starting a plant-based diet is easier than you think. If you would like to start really getting healthy and unleash the healing power that is within you, you will need some tools for the job.  Making lifestyle changes is never easy and you don’t have to make all the changes at once.  You can start by making small changes…green juice for breakfast, healthy salads with nuts or beans for lunch and slowly learn to make plant-based dinners.  Let’s take a look at what you will help you succeed on this healthy lifestyle path.

* Listen to your body!  When you start making dietary changes, you will feel different both physically and emotionally.  Food is a huge part of our lives and what we eat has a definite impact on our moods and energy level.  It is important to journal how you are feeling during this process.  You may feel energy changes, emotional or mood changes, you may feel headaches or other “detox” related symptoms.  Journaling will help you track your progress.

* Goal Setting!  This is hugely important.  Know up front what it is you want to achieve with making these lifestyle changes.  Perhaps it’s too loose weight.  You should set a goal of how many pounds you want to lose so you can work towards that goal.  Perhaps it’s running a 1/2 marathon and you currently don’t even walk further than to your car.  Joining the gym could be a goal to tone and strengthen your body.  Having goals will help you keep your focus during the tough times.

* Support!  To be successful, you will need support from others.  Whether it’s a friend, spouse, partner or co-worker, sharing the process with someone else is necessary!

Starting a plant-based diet is easier than you think. Switching to a Plant-Based Diet is an exciting will experience healing in every area of your life…physically and emotionally.  You will have more energy, lose weight, think more clearly and your body will be better equipped to fight chronic illnesses and disease.  You are what you eat and when you put more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, beans, and legumes into your body, you are putting in vitamins, minerals, photo nutrients, and anti-oxidants  which are easy to digest and their  healing power goes quickly into your bloodstream and makes you  look and feel great!