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Salt-Free Spices and Seasonings to Lower Blood Pressure

Salt-free spices and seasonings to lower blood pressure is a great way to make healthy changes to your diet and improve your health.

salt-free spices and seasonings

There are many things you can do to help lower your blood pressure besides take prescription medications. Making lifestyle changes like getting more exercise and eating a healthy diet of low sodium foods, whole grains, fish and plenty of fruits and vegetables can lower your blood pressure naturally.

Now that you are trying to lower your sodium intake, finding ways to make your food taste good without the salt can be a challenge. Most of the pre-made seasonings in the grocery store are not low-sodium. It’s easy to make your own salt-free seasonings when you know which herbs and spices don’t contain salt.

Here’s a list of low-sodium herb blends that can be added to your favorite dish to help keep your blood pressure in check:

Chili blend: chili powder, cilantro, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, paprika, black pepper and dry mustard.

Cole slaw blend: dill weed, dried onion, tarragon, celery seed and sugar.

Italian herb blend: black pepper, basil, garlic powder, ground red pepper, marjoram savory, oregano and thyme.

Onion herb blend: cumin, dill weed, basil, dried onion flakes, and garlic powder.

Here are some low-sodium spices and some ideas how to use them:

Curry powder with chicken, turkey, fish, veal or beef.

Cloves in fruit, ham, pork, baked beans, squash and sweet potatoes.

Cinnamon in fruit, custards and puddings, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and in oatmeal or yogurt.

Ginger with baked fish, chicken, turkey rice and fruit.

Nutmeg in fruits, vegetables and custard.

Here is a list of some low-sodium seasonings:

Garlic powder or fresh minced are great with shellfish, soup, dips, Italian dishes, poultry and sauces.

Onion powder or fresh chopped is delicious with salads, casseroles, pasta and stews.

Chives are yummy with eggs, pasta, potatoes, salad dressing or soups.

Lemon with fruit salads, fish, shellfish, spinach, green salads and chicken.

Balsamic or Red Wine Vinegar is awesome with green salads, potatoes, spinach and other cooked greens and seafood.

When you are trying to eat less sodium to lower your blood pressure, remember salt is in many foods you might not expect. Fast foods and prepared foods are usually super high in sodium. Canned soups, cold cuts, canned fish or meats and cheese are also normally high in sodium. It’s best to buy fresh foods and prepare them at home so you can control your sodium intake. Be sure to add flavor with mother nature’s spices and herbs listed above to help keep your blood pressure lower.