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Plant-Based Meat is Good for Us and the Environment

Plant-based meat is good for us and the environment. There is a growing trend in our Country to get away from animal protein to plant-based protein foods. Plant-based protein is better for human health, animal welfare, and the planet. It is also less expensive and takes less natural resources to produce.

Plant-based meat is good for us and the environment

There were 13 billion beef burgers eaten in the U.S. last year. Burgers are one of the top-selling foods in the Country. Eating too much red meat can cause many health-related illnesses from heart disease to some cancers.

Other serious issues with our dependence on animal-based meat are the negative effects on our environment. In the U.S., livestock use nearly one half of all water consumed in our country. Cows release high levels of methane into the air, and their waste can contaminate surrounding lakes and rivers. The fertilizers and pesticides used to grow feed for the livestock also pollute groundwater. The pollution of our environment caused by our reliance on animal-based meat is a huge concern for scientists and it is not sustainable.

There’s a new company called Beyond Meat out of Segundo, CA. They have developed vegan burgers made out of pea protein and beets that are juicy that taste as good as beef burgers. They also have vegan sausages that have the same taste and consistency as animal-based sausages. Beyond Meat’s net worth is now over $7 billion and their 2019 revenue is expected to double to $210 million. They are the first plant-based food company to go public on a major exchange. Their stock prices have jumped about 400% since its initial public offering a month ago.

Beyond Meat is now available in over 35,000 grocery store meat cases, restaurants, universities, and hotels. Beyond Meat is being sold in more than 40 countries around the world. They are now working on chicken strips to add to their successful line of products. All their products are GMO, soy and gluten free. Their products are all certified vegan.

Plant-based meat is good for our health and the environment. Now that many companies are developing animal-free meats that look and taste like their animal-based protein competition, meat eaters are beginning to take notice. If the plant-based proteins have all the same characteristics as their animal-based protein sources, the growth of plant-based foods will continue to skyrocket. As our population is also getting more concerned with greenhouse emissions, clean water, and overall climate change, the future is looking good for plant-based companies.