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Plant Based Diet-Your Natural Prescription For Optimal Health

b2ap3_thumbnail_greens_diet.png Did you know that 90% of all Disease in our Western World is preventable and curable through lifestyle changes?  Why is it then that we are the sickest society in the civilized world?  Today, 75% of all healthcare costs are associated with four diseases which are preventable and curable!

 Check out these statistics:

 *100 years ago there was no heart disease.  Today it’s the #1 killer in the U.S.  In fact, 50% of Americans will have heart disease in their lifetime.  Every 25 seconds, someone has a heart attack.

*70% of our population is either overweight or obese 

*By 2030, 50% of Americans will either be diabetic or pre diabetic .

*Cancer will take over as the #1 killer in the coming years.

We live in a society that on average consumes 74% of our calories from processed or junk foods that have zero or empty calories.  These calories add to our weight and health problems and do nothing to improve our health. The Food and Drug Administration wants us to eat this empty calorie food because they do not make money on healthy people.   Sadly, we only consume 6% of our calories from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and seeds.  These are the foods of life that can change our health and make our bodies strong and able to fight off inflammation and disease.  When we change to a plant based diet, our bodies get the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants that we need to have mental clarity, energy and a healthy weight.

We as a society want to eat and drink whatever we like…whatever tastes good.  The FDA tells us that we need to eat meat for protein and drink milk for calcium etc…The lobbyists for the Sugar industry spend millions to ensure our foods are full of sugar, corn syrup and other sweeteners because it makes their companies rich and keeps people sick and running to the doctors for expensive treatments. We are a society that would rather take pills for our high blood pressure and cholesterol so we can keep eating ourselves to death..what is wrong with us as a nation?  Why are we not smart enough to realize pills do not treat the underlying causes of our bad health and weight problems?  Pills just mask symptoms!  Nothing short of making lifestyle changes will ever make you healthy!  Healthy people are bad for the food and drug companies!

Bottom Line…if you truly want to be healthy and loose weight, check into a Plant Based Diet.  I will be blogging every day about helpful tips and recipes to help guide you down this path to a better and healthier life.  


Great way to start the day is by supercharging your immune system with a green juice or smoothie!  Check out our yummy recipes!