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Pets and Why They Are Good for Your Health

We love our pets!  There are more than 90 million dogs and over 94 million cats in households across the United States.  Companionship is one of the top reasons why we love them so much but they also provide many health benefits as well.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why owning a pet is a smart and healthy idea.

Pets can keep you healthy and save your life

Pets are good for you!

Dog owners are in better physical shape and have a healthier weight than those who do not have pets.   Dogs require daily walking and exercise which means pet owners are more physically active and they burn more calories.

Pet owners have lower stress levels.  Being around pets is soothing and it can decrease your cortisol level.  Cortisol is the hormone activated by stress.

Pets can help hypertension.  Their calming effect can lower spikes in blood pressure and decrease their owner’s blood pressure by 10%.

Cat owners have a 40% less likely risk of a fatal heart attack.

Pets can always make you smile.  They seem to know when you are down or depressed.  Having your best friend around you when you feel sad can have a positive effect on your mood.  Pets force you to get out of the house so you don’t stay alone.  Pets never let you down and they are always close to you, even when you don’t want to be near friends or family.

Specially trained dogs can detect dangerous drops in blood sugar levels.  They learn to smell for the change in blood sugar and alert their owner.  This can be life-saving.

Having furry friends in the house can lower the risk of allergies for the family.  Studies show that infants and children with at least one pet in the home have the lowest risk of allergies.

Kitty cat owners have lower stress levels, and owning a cat decreases the person’s risk of stroke by more than a third.

As you can see, having a pet or pets has so many awesome benefits.  Pets are a huge responsibility and they are a lifelong commitment.  Make sure you are ready for the responsibility to care for a pet.  They, in turn, will give you a lifetime of smiles and love.  They will also keep you smiling and healthy!  Remember to visit your local animal shelters and rescue organizations when you are looking for your forever friend!

Keep your dog healthy and give them fresh fruit as a snack.  They especially love apples, blueberries, cantaloupe, and watermelon.