Fruit Delivery

Office Fruit Delivery

updated 3-27-17

Fruit Fresh Delivery™ offers personalized delivery service Monday-Saturday from West Palm Beach to Miami.  We can deliver your first order within one day of setting up your account.

Fruit Fresh Delivery™ offers free delivery to the Boca Raton/Delray Beach area, for all other locations there is a $10 delivery charge.

We can ship your fruit order if you are outside of our personalized delivery area, call for more information. 561-404-9874

Our fruit is delivered in biodegradable cardboard boxes  but for regular clients who prefer a more upscale look in their offices,  we also offer an “Exchangeable Fruit Basket” Program at no extra charge.

Our delivery also includes set up in your individual break areas as well!

Fruit delivery

Office Fruit Delivery

Fruit delivery to offices in South Florida is becoming more and more popular.  With Companies facing skyrocketing healthcare costs and problems associated with obesity in the workplace, companies are looking for ways to provide a healthier workplace environment that encourages healthy lifestyle choices.  

Providing fruit at work is a cost effective tool to promote better overall healthmorale and increased energy.  Healthy employees who snack on fruits and vegetables during the day are more productive and happier!

Fruit in the office reduces absenteeism and increases moral.  Healthy Employees and Happy Employees.  Positive thinkers are eating fruit and so should your employees.

Many weight loss plans promote eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But what is “plenty”? To many of us, it may sound like an invitation.   To nosh on sweet, juicy fruits all day long.

Fresh fruit is good for us and solid scientific research supplies ample evidence regarding the beneficial nutrients.  Antioxidants in various fruits. However, eating too much fruit can actually hinder weight loss.

Healthy office fruit delivery

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