Fruit Delivery

Nutrition at work


There is no better place to get your nutrition than in your office or workplace.   Fruit at Work has become a very popular trend and Healthcare companies are starting to reward those companies that provide a “health benefits program“.   
WELL…. You are at the right place because Fruit Fresh Delivery is a HEALTH BENEFIT PROGRAM!  

Start ordering fruit on a weekly basis and we will give you a discount, your health care provider will give you a discount….. SO WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED?


note: Are you getting your 5 a day? As well as being beautiful to look at and delicious to eat, fruit is also good for you. The World Health Organization recommends 400g of fruit a day, to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and obesity. And it’s a fact that 34% of cancers can be prevented by a healthier lifestyle and diet. What’s more the natural sugars in fruit help you stay alert and think faster. So fill up with tasty and healthy fruit and keep those fattening cravings away. And now you can do it the easy way with Fruit Fresh Delivery!