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Mango Spiralized Cucumber Salad

Mango Spiralized Cucumber Salad

Cucumber with mango

Mango Cucumber Salad

This is a perfect spring/summer healthy salad recipe sure to please the whole family.  This is a great tasting salad that has protein, B vitamins and it contains important minerals.  The protein comes from quinoa which is a grain high in protein and fiber.  The B Vitamins, potassium and magnesium come from the cucumber.  The mango is high in Vitamin C and is a fat free, cholesterol/ sodium free food that adds sweetness to the salad.  This is a salad recipe that is quick, delicious and super healthy!

What You Need:  (serves 2)

1 cucumber

1/2 cup chopped and peeled mango

3 Tbsp pumpkin seeds

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1/3 cup cooked quinoa

1 tsp grated fresh ginger

salt/pepper taste

fresh basil leaves

splash of balsamic vinegar

splash of avocado oil

Just mix all ingredients together in a salad bowl and serve fresh!