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How Football Scores Affect Your Health

b2ap3_thumbnail_football_fruit.pngHow Football Scores Affect Your Waistline

Cumon Man……a researcher from France studied the diets (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  in every NFL City across the United States and found out that our consumption of calories and saturated fat are directly linked to the outcome of our football teams!  Seriously…..when our teams loose, we get depressed and the day after the game, our consumption of saturated fat increases by 16% and if our team wins, we are happier and we eat healthier…our fat consumption decreases by 9%!  When it comes to calories, a Win means we eat 5% less calories and make healthier food choices, a big Loss means we eat an additional 10% …unfortunately these calories are usually empty and do nothing but make us fatter and more depressed!

If you live in one of the Crazier NFL Cities like Green Bay, Philly or Pittsburgh, the news is even worse!  When u loose, your consumption of saturated fat increases by a whopping 28%….a win and you cut back 16%!!  

Glad I come from New England and we don’t do much loosing lol!  However I think the Packers will win the super bowl!

 I also love fruit and veggies so this isn’t going to affect my waistline anyway…just saying……