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Healthy Snacks Are A Great Office Perk

Healthy Snacks are a great office perk. There are many reasons why Companies should provide them to help keep their employees happy and healthy.

In today’s competitive work environment, Companies are trying to attract and keep good employees. Some Companies are providing office perks to include gym memberships, chair massage, and yoga classes. These perks can be too expensive for many small to mid-sized companies.

Healthy Office Snacks

Providing healthy snacks like fresh fruit, raw nuts, protein bars, and trail mix are inexpensive ways to build morale and improve work performance. Harvard Business Review says “what employees eat has a direct impact on their job performance. Food impacts cognitive performance as well.” Bad snack choices like processed chips, cookies, and high sugar snacks can totally derail a day’s worth of productivity.”

Healthy snacks are snacks that are minimally processed, low glycemic, and high in fiber and protein.

When employees snack on healthy snacks like fresh fruit and nut butter, they have better concentration skills and higher energy levels. In today’s challenging work environment, Companies need all the advantages they can get to attract and keep top-notch employees. Healthy snacks are a Win/Win for Companies! Their investment in these healthy foods means a much higher level of productivity. Corporate fruit delivery services that offer other healthy snack options are cost-effective, convenient and should be part of every workplace.

Healthy snacking options at work directly affect the quality of employees diet and overall health. Healthy snacking at work makes for a happier workplace environment. It also helps employees maintain a healthier weight. Healthier employees mean lower risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Get your office started on a healthier path today and provide fresh fruit and other healthy snacks. Your employees will thank you, and Companies will like the improved bottom line.