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Health Fairs Are a Great Way to Improve Morale and Employee Health

Health Fairs or Employee Benefit Days are a great way to show appreciation and help educate your employees about healthier lifestyle choices.  These events do not have to be formal or cost a lot of money, in fact, a lot of vendors will gladly set up a table for a few hours and provide free information, do medical screenings or provide a service at no charge for the opportunity to advertise their services.  Health fairs should be fun, high energy and encourage employee participation.

Here are some ideas that can help your Health Fair be a big success!


*Free Health Screenings to include; Blood Pressure checks, Body Fat Testing, Cholesterol Screening and Glucose Testing.

*Free healthy snacks such as Fresh Fruit, nuts, granola bars and bottled water or other low sugar, healthy drinks

*Dietician/Nutritionist to hand out brochures and information about the importance of a healthy diet and healthy snacking

*Massage Therapist to offer free chair massages or to offer stress management or relaxation techniques

*Smoking cessation workshops

*Fitness Trainer to promote corporate sponsored exercise programs or to offer personal training sessions at reduced rates


A Successful Health Fair is one that is fun and really motivates people to take positive steps toward healthier lifestyle choices.  Companies can continue promoting a healthy work environment  by making some simple changes in the way they currently do things.  Offering free, healthy snacks in the break rooms is a perfect way to encourage healthier eating during the day and discourage unhealthy vending machine or snack food which only makes employees sluggish and adds weight.  Another cool idea is putting up a Healthy Lifestyle Bulletin Board for healthy recipes, eating and dieting tips, exercise information and stress management techniques.  Allow employees to participate in sharing their helpful ideas with the office is motivating and empowering!