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Fruit Makes Cents For Call Centers

Fruit Makes Cents for Call Centers

Fruit makes cents for call centers! Call Center Employees experience higher stress levels and due to the sedentary nature of their business, a much higher risk of obesity than other workers.  Due to the fast-paced environment and sitting at a workstation for 8 hours or more combined with eating processed snacks, sugary and highly caffeinated drinks to keep them going, obesity rates can soar as high as 85% which was exactly the case at L.L. Bean in Bangor, Maine.

Smart Employers know that the best investment to their business is to make sure their call center employees are healthy and motivated so that they will want to stay at their jobs and be more productive while they are at work.  Companies that promote a healthier work environment and provide wellness benefits have a huge advantage over other call centers and can better retain and recruit top employees.  Companies can create a healthier work environment by offering exercise classes, nutritional coaching and by providing healthy snacks such as fresh fruit during the workday.  Having Fruit available during all shifts not only fights obesity but it also provides a natural source of energy!

One of the most effective ways for companies to lower the cost of healthcare is to eliminate preventable sources of disease, and obesity can lead to diabetes, heart problems, and stroke.  The Wall Street Journal just noted that getting employees to slim down could save employers an average of 9% in healthcare costs and lost productivity!

By introducing healthy snacks such as fruit and adding fitness and wellness programs into the Call Center environment, the Healthcare dollars saved in the long run with healthier employees and higher productivity is a Win/Win!  

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