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DIY All Natural Mosquito Repellent

DIY all-natural mosquito repellent is a must for everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. There is nothing worse than getting bitten by mosquitos while you are at the beach or enjoying a backyard BBQ.

diy all natural mosquito repellents are easy to make. They smell good and are healthy for your body.

Years ago, the only mosquito repellents available were made with a chemical called DEET. Although current research has stated that DEET is safe for use on the skin, many are still concerned about this chemical. Deet is a bad smelling and sticky chemical that deters mosquitos from coming near it so you are less likely to get bit.

There are natural ingredients that can be used that smell good and are healthier options to prevent mosquito bites.

The first ingredient is lavender oil. Lavender is normally associated with relaxation but adding a few drops of this oil to a spray bottle will also keep the mosquitos away. They hate the smell of this beautiful and healthy oil.

Thyme is a common herb used in cooking that smells and tastes great. Thyme when applied to the skin has been proven to repel mosquitos as well as it’s chemical counterpart DEET.

Another natural ingredient to protect your skin from mosquitos during the summer months is catnip. The American Chemical Society showed that catnip was highly more effective at repelling mosquitos than DEET.

Citronella Geraniums are a pretty purple flower that people plant around the perimeter of their gardens to keep insects away. They have a strong lemon and citronella oil scent that keeps unwanted bugs away.

Lastly, lemon eucalyptus oil is another effective mosquito repellent.

DIY All Natural Mosquito Repellent is easy to make. The all natural essential oil mosquito repellents smell great and there are no health risks associated with them. Just add a few drops of the essential oil to a spray bottle with jojoba or coconut oil, and you are ready for the beach or backyard BBQ without fear of mosquito bites!