Fruit Delivery

Boca Raton’s Corporate Fruit Delivery Service

updated April 8th 2017

Fruit Fresh Delivery is the State of Florida’s only Corporate Fruit Delivery Company and we deliver healthy and delicious fresh fruit to Companies who are interested b2ap3_thumbnail_sf_fruit_delivery.pngin creating a healthier work environment.  Our clients provide fruit in the break rooms as a healthier snack alternative which is great for morale and it provides natural energy throughout the work day!  Fruit Fresh Delivery Clients know that healthier employees make for a healthier and more productive company!

Our Fruit is affordable, convenient and 100% guaranteed.  We have no contracts and we offer 1/2 off any fruit box/basket price so you and your office can check us out!  Please click on the link below and see our different selections, we offer two levels of service.  Staples is the basic apples, citrus and bananas which are the most popular fruits.  Our Premium Box offers 7-8 kinds of fruit to include grapes, mangos, pears, peaches and other seasonal fruit.
The Great News is if your Company is in Boca Raton, you get FREE DELIVERY!  
Our clients include Accounting and Law Firms, Software Companies as well as manufacturers.  We serve offices from 10 employees to over 600!
Give us a call at 561-703-8231 or visit us online at to take advantage of 1/2 off your first fruit box or to sign up for our awesome service!  Start making your Company a healthier and happier place to work!