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Company Health And Obesity

Company health and obesity are directly related. In fact, a recent research article published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine states that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030. This is really bad news for Companies who have to pay for the increased health insurance and the loss of billions of dollars each year due to productivity losses associated with obesity. Obesity is one problem that is completely avoidable and caused by two things: poor diet and lack of exercise.

Obesity is on the rise and it costs companies billions

A recent Urban Institute report shows the yearly costs of treating diseases directly associated with obesity. You will be shocked by the findings. It should make Companies rethink Bagels and Pizza Fridays and providing unhealthy vending machines in the breakrooms that contribute to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Here are the yearly health costs associated with obesity:

Diabetes only $2,863

Hypertension only $1,595

Diabetes and Hypertension $3,920

Diabetes, Heart, Cerebrovascular or Renal Disease $21,181

Hypertension with Heart, Cerebrovascular or Renal Disease $14,576

Diabetes, Hypertension and Heart, Cerebrovascular or Renal Disease $24, 215

Obesity is hurting companies productivity and costing billions in healthcare premiums! It is inexplicable that all Companies are not providing wellness benefits to encourage a healthier workplace environment when research shows that every dollar a company invests in a wellness program saves more than $3 in medical care costs.

Companies may not be able to control what their employees eat and do at home, but they can make changes to help their employees get healthier while they are at work. Educating employees about healthy food choices and providing healthy, company-provided snacks is a cost-effective and easy step to make everyone healthier and more productive. Removing vending machines full of soda and processed snacks and providing fresh fruit, trail mix, low sugar protein bars, and naturally flavored waters are a great way to make your office happier and keep your employees at a healthier weight.

Successful companies like Google, Yahoo, and Dell have been offering their employees healthy foods and snacks for years. The Europeans have been providing fresh fruit and healthy snacks to their employees since the 1980s. Companies know that providing healthy foods and snacks at no cost to their employees is key to the employees eating healthier during the day! If healthy options are free and available all the time, employees will make better food choices and lose weight. When employees lose weight and eat healthier, they feel better which makes them more productive at work and they miss less work.

When employees learn healthier eating and snacking habits at work, they are more likely to start implementing these healthier changes at home since they see the results of a new, healthier lifestyle. Improved mood and more energy, as well as a smaller waistline, makes employees happier and the companies benefit by having higher productivity and lower healthcare costs.

Company health and obesity are directly related. Providing healthy snacks such as fresh fruit in the breakrooms is a small investment for companies that can save billions in healthcare and lost time costs as well as save lives. Make the decision to create a healthier work environment and lower the obesity levels for a happier and healthier company!