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CBD Benefits for Your Dog

CBD is in everything these days from tinctures, body lotions, infused drinks, and even dog treats!  CBD is a compound found in both the cannabis and hemp plants.  CBD does not contain THC so you or your dog will not get high from consuming it.

CBD has many health benefits.  Arthritis and anxiety are two main benefits

CBD and Dog Health

CBD is a natural treatment for dogs who experience pain associated with arthritis and other joint problems.  In traditional veterinary medicine,  arthritis in dogs is treated by prescribing NSAIDS.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories help mask the pain from arthritis, but it does not treat the underlying inflammation problem.  There are many side effects of using NSAIDS to include the thinning of your dog’s blood.  Other side effects include diarrhea, decreased liver functioning, intestinal bleeding, lethargy and bleeding of the stomach lining.

Cornell University has recently found that this natural oil provides significant pain relief to dogs with osteoarthritis and improves mobility.  It can help reduce the pain associated with arthritis and it also improves their mood due to the calming effects of this natural oil.

CBD is also very good to help your dog’s anxiety problems whether they are situational or behavioral.  If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or is afraid of strangers, storms or fireworks, CBD can help take the edge off.  Some of the symptoms of anxiety are pacing, panting, whimpering, trembling or aggression.  Inappropriate elimination is also a sign of anxiety.  CBD works with receptors in the brain, organs and central nervous system to stimulate the body’s natural ability to create serotonin which is a natural mood stabilizer.

CBD oil can help your dog feel better right away or it may take days for it to start working.  It’s best to start with small doses of oil and build up to higher doses if necessary.  It’s always a good idea to keep notes as to how your dog is doing with CBD oil.  It’s also important to buy the right CBD for your dog.  It is important that it is made from organically grown hemp so there are no toxins.  Ensure the CBD oil has been tested by an independent lab for purity, and that it has not been processed with petroleum-based products which can be toxic.  Lastly, make sure the oil has less than .03% THC.

CBD oil has many health benefits for your dog.  Pain management and anxiety are just two major benefits.  CBD tincture is the best way to give your dog this all natural, life-saving medicine.