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  • Apples

    Apples are a member of the rose family There are more than 7500 varieties Natural sugar found in apples is more potent than the caffeine in a cup of coffee […]

  • Fruit Fresh Delivery

    We are South Florida's first corporate fruit delivery service.  Our goal is to help companies be healthier and more productive by providing fresh fruit as a healthy snack alternative in the workplace. 30% of the Florida Workforce is Obese or Overweight Unhealthy employees are not as productive as healthy employees Healthier employees are happier  Snacking on vending machine snacks increases sugar/sodium levels Bagels and Muffins are loaded with sodium, sugar and fatFruit Fresh Delivery brings healthy whole fruit conveniently to your break rooms Fresh Fruit costs less than bagels and muffins Fresh Fruit helps employees loose weight Fresh Fruit is healthy and improves morale and energy Providing fresh fruit shows employees you care about their health
  • Natural Energy

    updated 4-22-2017  
    All fruit contains natural sugar or fructose which helps boost your spirit and your energy level.  Each gram of fructose you consume provides

    you with 4 calories of energy. […]

  • Healthy Snacking

    While an employee’s overall diet can negatively impact workplace productivity, on the job snacking can have an even bigger impact.  A recent Brigham and Young University study reports that employees […]

  • Office Fruit Delivery

    updated 3-27-17
    Fruit Fresh Delivery™ offers personalized delivery service Monday-Saturday from West Palm Beach to Miami.  We can deliver your first order within one day of setting up your account.
    Fruit Fresh Delivery™ […]