Fruit Delivery

Banana Tips for Keeping Them Fresh

Bananas are the world’s Number One favorite fruit!   They are loaded with potassium which gives you energy and they are also good to fuel your brain.  Bananas are green when picked from the tree,  they turn yellow as they ripen which is when they are very sweet. Finally, they turn brown and get mushy.  They turn brown due to the natural ethylene gas that comes out of the fruit.  This process can happen very quickly and is the reason why we end up throwing away so many overly ripe bananas.

There are some tricks of the trade to slow down this ripening process so you can enjoy them longer.  Learning to store them properly is easy!

  1.  Store bananas in a bunch, do not separate them as this will slow down the ripening process.
  2.  Invest in a banana hangar which allows better airflow around them.
  3.  Since they ripen and emit ethylene gas through their stems, wrap plastic around their stems to slow down the gas emission.
  4.  Keep unripe bananas at room temperature.  They like warm temperatures and keeping them too cold will prevent them from being as sweet!
  5.   Once they are ripe, place them in the fruit drawer in your refrigerator.  If you put ripe bananas next to other fruit that is unripe, it will also slow down the browning process.
  6.   Freeze bananas before they get too ripe by slicing them up and storing in a freezer bag for smoothies!  They can keep up to 3 months.
  7.   If you are too late and the bananas are looking too brown, you can turn them into banana bread, muffins or pancakes.

These are some great ways to store and prolong the life of your favorite fruit.  Their health benefits are many and they are the perfect to-go or office snack.  They are a great source of potassium which is good for your blood pressure and heart.  They also have a lot of Vitamin C and B6.  Manganese is good to keep your skin glowing.  They can also help digestion and keep you regular.  They also are low in fat and cholesterol and give you energy!

Ask your Company to have fresh fruit delivered to your breakroom.