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  • Memorial Day Is The Most Solemn Day Of The Year

    Memorial Day is the most solemn day of the year. However, for most Americans, Memorial Day signifies the start of the summer season and a 3 day weekend to celebrate summer with friends and family. For many, Memorial Day weekend is all about car sales, mattress sales, and backyard BBQs. With all […]

  • Sculptra Is The Secret To Younger Looking Skin

    Sculptra is the secret to younger looking skin. I know because I have been a loyal patient of Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, a world-renowned Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dermatologic Surgeon, and Cosmetic Laser Expert. He has more than 17 years of experience helping patients look and feel more youthful and beautiful.

    Sculptra is a collagen […]

  • Testosterone Therapy for Women for a Better Quality of Life

    Testosterone therapy for women for a better quality of life is not a mainstream topic. When we hear about testosterone therapy it normally pertains to men’s health. Both men and women produce testosterone naturally and having a low testosterone level can greatly affect the quality of life for both men and women.


  • Human Foods That Are Poisonous to Pets

    There are many human foods that are poisonous to pets. Just because something is “healthy” for us to eat does not mean feeding them to our cats and dogs is healthy too.

    It is very important as a pet owner to educate yourself as to what is good for your furry friends and what can […]

  • Snacking To Help You Lose Weight

    Snacking to help you lose weight is possible when you know what to eat. We all snack during the day to prevent hunger and to give us energy. Sometimes we snack because we are bored.

    The average American worker consumes 1,300 calories per week from food and drinks at the office. […]


    Do you want to increase your muscle mass and you want to know which is the most effective way?

    Then Testosteronerd helps you to gain muscle mass and everything.

    Numerous studies have shown that a weight that you are able to lift a

    maximum […]

  • Healthy Snacks Are A Great Office Perk

    Healthy Snacks are a great office perk. There are many reasons why Companies should provide them to help keep their employees happy and healthy.

    In today’s competitive work environment, Companies are trying to attract and keep good employees. Some Companies are providing office perks to include gym memberships, chair massage, and yoga […]

  • OTC Allergy Medication Can Affect Your Heart

    OTC Allergy medication can affect your heart if you are taking medications for heart disease or high blood pressure. It is always recommended that you speak with a medical professional or pharmacist before taking any OTC allergy medication.

    OTC allergy medications and your heart

    There are some OTC allergy medications that contain pseudoephedrine which can cause […]

  • Salt-Free Spices and Seasonings to Lower Blood Pressure

    Salt-free spices and seasonings to lower blood pressure is a great way to make healthy changes to your diet and improve your health.

    salt-free spices and seasonings

    There are many things you can do to help lower your blood pressure besides take prescription medications. Making lifestyle changes like getting more exercise and eating a […]

  • Foods that Help Fight Anxiety to Live Happier!

    Did you know that the food you eat can affect your stress and anxiety level?

    There are foods that can help you feel more calm and there are others that act as stimulants. Let’s take a look at some food choices that can help you keep your anxiety and stress levels low.

    Herbs to […]