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  • Fruit Makes Cents For Call Centers

    Fruit Makes Cents for Call Centers

    Fruit makes cents for call centers! Call Center Employees experience higher stress levels and due to the sedentary nature of their business, a much higher risk of obesity than other workers.  Due to the fast-paced environment and sitting at a workstation for 8 hours or more combined with eating […]

  • SummerTime is Salad Time

    Summertime is salad time! What I love about summer are all the fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables that are available from local farms and our own backyard gardens. During the hot summer months, it’s fun and easy to BBQ some grilled chicken or locally caught fish and combine it with a healthy […]

  • Easy and Healthy Baking Soda Uses

    Easy and Healthy Baking Soda uses! I love baking soda because it is such a versatile product.  There are so many different uses for both the home and personal care.  Another thing I love about baking soda is that it’s so inexpensive and it lasts up to 2 years in the pantry.  Baking soda is […]

  • There are 5 Fat-Burning Fruits

    There are 5 fat-burning fruits to help you lose weight and make you look sleek and sexy. You may have heard that fruits are full of sugars and they can make you gain weight. The truth is, too much fruit like anything else you eat can cause you to gain weight. However, […]

  • Starting a Plant-Based Diet

    Starting a Plant-Based Diet is easier than you think!

    Starting a plant-based diet is easier than you think. If you would like to start really getting healthy and unleash the healing power that is within you, you will need some tools for the job.  Making lifestyle changes is never easy and you don’t have to […]

  • Athletic Performance Without Meat?

    Athletic performance without meat? The majority of the people that work out at the gym are always snacking on protein. They talk about their whey protein shakes and eating high protein diets consisting of chicken, tuna, turkey and steak.  They believe that they need to consume larger amounts of lean protein to help […]

  • Cholesterol Busting Foods

    Cholesterol busting foods are easy to add to your diet to help lower your cholesterol level. Everyone knows that french fries and red meats cause obesity and raise your bad cholesterol.  The truth is 25% of your cholesterol level is from the food you eat and 75% is made by your body.  So, your […]

  • There are Many Calcium and Iron Myths

    There are many calcium and iron myths. I heard my entire life that if I didn’t finish my milk, I would not grow up to have strong bones and teeth.  I needed to drink a lot of milk to get my calcium which prevents osteoporosis.  How does this affect our health if we […]

  • Calorie Restriction Improves Health

    Calorie restriction improves health whether you are obese, overweight or you maintain a normal weight. There is a lot of evidence that supports calorie restriction and how it reduces the risk of many chronic health conditions to include type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

    Eating fewer calories can improve your health

    Studies showed that people 50 […]

  • Anti-Inflammatory Diets and Optimal Health

    Anti-inflammatory diets and optimal health are directly linked. To experience long-term, optimal health, learning to combat inflammation in the body is key. Inflammation causes many illnesses and diseases to include heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    Anti-Inflammatory Diets and Optimal Health

    Eating an anti-inflammatory diet helps protect against certain diseases and […]