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Athletic Performance Without Meat?

Athletic performance without meat? The majority of the people that work out at the gym are always snacking on protein. They talk about their whey protein shakes and eating high protein diets consisting of chicken, tuna, turkey and steak.  They believe that they need to consume larger amounts of lean protein to help build their muscles.  Why then are the largest and strongest animals on earth eating 100% plant-based diets?  Maybe they know something we don’t!

Athletes can be vegan and jacked!

Plants per ounce are the most nutritionally dense foods on earth!  This means we need smaller amounts of food because plants are so much higher in vitamins, minerals, photo nutrients, and antioxidants than other foods.  Plants are alkaline which is easily digested and plants are more easily assimilated into our bodies. Processed foods and meats contain fat, sugar, sodium and are acidic in the body which causes inflammation which leads to disease and slows down the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

For the athlete who needs lots of energy and needs to recover after a hard workout, the advantages of a Plant-Based Diet are huge!  By increasing the nutritional density and by getting more energy from the foods you eat combined with the anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, the advantages are:

Reduction in stress

Improved recovery time between workouts

Better quality sleep

Less sickness

Faster Healing

For the athlete, a Plant-Based Diet really is a huge advantage over the traditional meat/protein- based diet.  Gone is the increased energy it takes for the body to breakdown and digest the meat to turn the food into energy.  With plants, the digestion and assimilation are faster and easier.  The results are fast energy, no food coma, no dips in energy!  Food is fuel for the body and the better the nutrition we put into our bodies, the better our athletic performance!

Athletic performance without meat? The answer is yes! For a great, high energy workout or for an after workout repair snack, try a fruit & veggie smoothie with some almonds!  You will get plenty of energy, healing, and protein!