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  • Meatless Mondays are Great for Your Health!

    Meatless Mondays are becoming very popular for a few reasons.  Eating a plant-based diet is better for your health and weight.  Plant-based diets are also less expensive, and eating less meat is better for the planet. 

    Meatless Mondays began during
    WWI when the USDA asked families to reduce their intake of key staple foods to
    help the […]

  • Sex and Fruit that helps You Feel Hot!

    Sex and fruit can improve your sex life. Sex is a hot topic and according to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the average amount of time having sex ranges from 3-13 minutes.  Women, on the other hand, would prefer sex to last from 15-25 minutes.  There are foods you can eat to help your […]

  • Hypertension And How To Eat To Help Control It

    Did you know that more than 75 million adults or 1 out of 3 have high blood pressure?   It is scary that only half of these people have their high blood pressure under control.  Hypertension is “the silent killer” because there are normally no warning signs or symptoms with this disease so it is common […]

  • CBD Benefits for Your Dog

    CBD is in everything these days from tinctures, body lotions, infused drinks, and even dog treats!  CBD is a compound found in both the cannabis and hemp plants.  CBD does not contain THC so you or your dog will not get high from consuming it.

    CBD is a natural treatment for dogs who experience pain associated with […]

  • Pets and Why They Are Good for Your Health

    We love our pets!  There are more than 90 million dogs and over 94 million cats in households across the United States.  Companionship is one of the top reasons why we love them so much but they also provide many health benefits as well.  Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why owning […]

  • Immune System Boosting Foods to Boost your Health!

    A healthy immune system can keep your heart healthier, lower your blood pressure, and it can help you maintain healthy body weight.
    Having a healthy immune system can also protect you against many illness and diseases.  Understanding how your diet can improve your immune system is very important. Hippocrates’s famous quote from  460 B.C  said, “Let […]

  • Avocados are American’s New Favorite Fruit

    Avocados are fruit and they came from Mexico somewhere between 5,000-7,000 BC.  They are technically a berry that contains one seed.  Mammals such as the ground sloth and wooly mammoths ate them whole about 13,000 years ago.  Somehow the avocado survived but the prehistoric animals did not.   The word avocado means “testicle” in the Aztec language […]