Fruit Delivery
  • Fruit Makes Cents to Accounting Firms!

    Tax season is quickly approaching and Accounting Professionals will soon be burning the midnight oil to prepare their client’s taxes for the 2014 season.  Long hours, late nights and lots of deadlines are what tax season is all about.  Accounting Firms are interested in keeping their most valuable assets, their employees, fit and healthy during the brutal […]

  • Law Firms and Fruit Delivery

    With Company’s looking for ways to keep their employees happier and healthier, Corporate Fruit Delivery is now a growing trend in Law Offices across the State.  Many of our Law Offices have multiple locations and they are providing fruit at all of them as it is such a huge success!   With professionals spending so […]

  • What is Sermorelin

    Looking for the fountain of youth?  Well, now there is a bio-identical hormone that has been genetically engineered to stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone from the hypothalamus which is a gland next to the pituitary gland.  GHRH is a peptide that contains the first 29 amino acids of our own Growth Hormone. […]

  • Corporate Wellness and Fruit

    Fruit Fresh Delivery is Florida’s first Corporate Fruit Delivery Service and provides an affordable and convenient way to create a healthier work environment.  By having fresh fruit available in the office during the week, employees snack healthier and consume less calories during the day.  Most of Fruit Fresh Clients provide fruit on a weekly or […]

  • Facts about Blueberrys

    There are more than 450 varieties of blueberry plants!  The Blueberry belongs to the genus Vaccinium.  It’s in the same genus as cranberries, lingonberries and huckleberries and is native to North America. The plant grows wild around the world and can survive as far north as Arctic North America.  July is National Blueberry Month as […]

  • 2015 Government Eating Guidelines for Americans

    It’s been more than 5 years since the US Government has come up with what we should and should not be eating.  It took the Government 500 pages to get their suggestions across.  Here are the cliff notes: 1.  Protein which was once the center of the plate should now be the supporting role.  Red […]

  • Fruit and Veggie Treats for Dogs

    Dogs can easily gain weight eating store bought processed dog cookies.  The ingredients are full of filler and taste good but do little for your Dog’s health.  Here are some really simple and healthy treats you can find in your refrigerator to make them happy and healthier! 1. Blueberries 2.  Strawberries 3.  Carrots 4.  Asparagus […]

  • Apples and Bananas for office energy

    Apples and Bananas are the two most popular fruits in the world and they are packed with health benefits!  They are super easy to eat and the perfect snack when you are at your desk and you need an energy boost. Apples and Bananas have natural sugar which provide fuel to your body.  Because the […]

  • Send Fruit for Shiva

    Fresh and Dried Fruits are an appropriate gift to send to the home of those sitting shiva following the loss of a loved one.  Fruits provide healthy nourishment and can last throughout the weeklong duration of the shiva. Fruit Fresh Delivery can deliver delicious and healthy hand picked seasonal and dried fruits anywhere in the […]

  • Breaking news in South Florida

    Healthy Employees Work Smarter and make for a Healthier Company.  This is the message Boca Raton Based Fruit Fresh Delivery has been pitching to Companies all over South Florida for the past three years. Fruit Fresh Delivery is Florida’s first Corporate Fruit Delivery Service and markets fresh fruit to Companies interested in providing healthier snack […]