Fruit Delivery
  • What are the healthiest veggies for juicing

    Healthiest Veggies for Juicing  1.  Celery Celery is great for your cardiovascular system and regulating your blood pressure.  It also a powerful cleanser and detoxifier and can help reduce inflammation in your body.  Celery can protect your cells against cancer.  2.  Carrots Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamin C, and also are […]

  • Fruit Delivery is Perfect for Medical Offices

    Fruit Delivery is Perfect for Medical Offices  Providing Fresh Fruit for your staff  is a perfect way to show them you care about their health while encouraging healthier snacking choices!  Employees consume 400-600 calories a day snacking at work which can lead to lots of extra pounds at the end of the year!   […]

  • FoodServices

    خدمات المطاعم الاسيويه -We, at Indian Summer, provides services like Home Delivery, Take away and Outdoor catering facility apart from in-house dining service.

  • Dried Fruit

    Cashews Wholesale International Foodsource is one of the largest suppliers of Nuts, Dried Fruit and Snack Items in the Northeast.  As a major provider of snacks to grocery and convenience stores nationwide

  • Women and Progesterone

    Did you know that Progesterone is a “feel good” hormone that protects your bones and arteries?  Did you also know that it is the first sex hormone to take a nose dive when we enter menopause?  With all the mixed messages regarding hormone therapy, thought it wise to talk about the latest findings.   First […]

  • Stevia’s health benefits and more about Stevia

    The Sweet Health Benefits of Stevia Stevia is a sweet herb that comes from the Sunflower family.  Stevia is indigenous to South America where it has been used to treat diabetes, hypertension and obesity for centuries.  It has also been used in Asia and Europe since the 16th century!  However, it wasn’t until 1931 […]

  • Reasons to eat nuts and Nut facts

    16 Great Reasons To Eat Nuts! According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, those who eat 7+ servings of nuts per week cut the risk of dying by 1/3!!!  (One serving is 1 ounce or a handful of nuts)   Specifically, people who ate nuts 5+ times per week had […]

  • Happy, healthy nails

    Tips for Healthy Nails   1.  Take Biotin which is a B vitamin.  It helps grow and strengthen nails.   2.  Use nail polish but try and use acetone free polish remover.  Also use gloves when working with your hands whenever possible to protect against breakage and it will also protect your polish.   3.  […]

  • Foods to stay away from if you have ADHD

    Foods That Can Trigger ADHD   ADHD is becoming more and more common among our children and teenagers.  I think many of us adults have it as well but when we were kids, there was no name for our inability to concentrate in school or our inability to finish projects…if I don’t make a list […]

  • Manage Your Weight and Energy Boosting Drink

    This fabulous drink is fast and easy to make and it curbs your appetite and stops your cravings!   What you will need:   1/2 cup coconut water 1/2 cup purified water 1 tbsp. chia seeds juice from 1/2 lime  2 tbsp. of your favorite fruit juice   What to do:     soak […]