Fruit Delivery
  • Why you should provide fruit for your employees

    Why Provide Fruit For Your Employees?  Employees consume on average 500-600 Calories per Day snacking at work!  Most vending snacks and baked goods are high in fat, calories, sugar and sodium and are not providing any nutritional value!  They just add pounds and make people sicker!  Employees can easily gain 6 lbs. per year snacking […]

  • Fruit Is The New Bagel

    Fruit is The New Bagel Looking to keep your Employees Healthier, Leaner and more Motivated?  Try Fruit instead of Bagels and Cream Cheese!    Bagel and Cream 1 oz. Cheese                                                    […]

  • Stop inflammation and help it go away

    The inflammation busters: Inflammation is both beneficial and harmful to our bodies.  Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self protection and is part of the body’s immune response.  It can help heal wounds and it can help heal damaged muscle tissue.  On the negative side, inflammation itself can lead to too much inflammation which can  […]

  • Healthier Start To My Day

    Healthier Start To Your Day       We all get into a routine as to how we start our day.   However, starting your day off with these simple steps can make your day go better and healthier!   1.  Drink a warm glass of filtered water with a slice of lemon.  This […]

  • Flu and Cold Fighting Smoothie

    Flu and Cold Fighting Smoothie This delicious and immune system boosting smoothie is loaded with Vitamin C from Oranges.  The other secret weapon ingredient is Ginger which is very helpful for digestion.  Fact is, 80% of your immune system is in your gut so it is very important to ensure you keep it healthy. […]

  • Corporate Fruit Delivery is Now Available in Florida

    Corporate Fruit Delivery is Now Available in Florida     Corporate Fruit Delivery started in California’s Silicon Valley back in the late 90’s.  Companies like Google have been providing fruit in employee break rooms for years because they get it!  Having Company provided Healthy Snacks available during the workday keeps employees healthier, more focused […]

  • Healthy raw snacks for energy

    Raw Energy Snacks   Here’s a great recipe that’s easy to make, packed with protein, antioxidants and fiber to keep you energized all day long!  These snacks take minutes to make and then you pop them in the freezer to harden them.  Great snack to take to work for a mid-morning energy boost!   […]

  • Healthy Breakfast Ideas

    Breakfast is very important to jump start your metabolism and help you maintain a healthy weight!  So many people, approximately 50%,  do not eat breakfast and this does more harm than good to your weight loss program.  In fact, women who do not eat breakfast are 4 1/2 times more likely to be obese than […]

  • cocoa Banana soy smoothie

    Cocoa Banana Soy Smoothie       This healthy smoothie will give you an energy boost and it provides a great source of protein to get your through your tough workouts!  It’s delicious, sweet and healthy!  What a Win/Win!!   What you will Need:  1/2 cup soft tofu   1/2 cup soy milk 1 […]

  • Natural Fruit Popsicles

    All Natural Fruit Popsicles   This fun and easy recipe is surely one to bring a smile to everyone’s face!  You can use your favorite natural/organic fruit juice to make a low fat and healthy snack or dessert for anytime of year!   What you Need: (sample) 1.5 cups white grape juice  2 tbsp lemon […]