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  • What you need to know about Protein

    Protein Power….The Myth What do gorillas, elephants, rhinos and hippos all have in common?  They are some of the largest mammals on earth and they get 100% of their protein from plants!  So why do we as a Society think that we need to eat red meat, protein bars, put protein powder in our shakes […]

  • Knockout Hunger Smoothie

    This yummy smoothie is packed with fiber from strawberries and mangos and protein from tofu!  The beauty of fiber is that it makes your tummy feel full without eating a toni of calories.  By adding some omega-3 fatty acids from flax seed oil, you also get a boost to your metabolism and you burn more […]

  • The Myth of Meat and Dairy

    We grew up with our Moms telling us to drink our milk so we can grow strong and healthy bones.  We were also taught that we need red meat for protein and that as women we needed it for the iron to keep us healthy.  Of course our parents were telling us what they knew […]