Fruit Delivery
  • Athletic Performance Without Meat

    The majority of the people that work out at the gym are always snacking on protein..They talk about their whey protein shakes and eating high protein diets consisting of chicken, tuna, turkey and steak.  They believe that they need to consume larger amounts of lean protein to help build their muscles.  Why then are the […]

  • How Football Scores Affect Your Health

    How Football Scores Affect Your Waistline Cumon Man……a researcher from France studied the diets (breakfast, lunch and dinner)  in every NFL City across the United States and found out that our consumption of calories and saturated fat are directly linked to the outcome of our football teams!  Seriously…..when our teams loose, we get depressed and […]

  • Energy Smoothy with Fruit

      Mega Energy Smoothie This smoothie is a great way to start the day or is perfect for a mid afternoon pick me up snack!  Loaded with some healthy energizing carbs, protein, Vitamin B and some Iron to keep your blood oxygen levels high, you will have lots of healthy energy to get through your […]

  • Health Fair Fruit

    Fruit is Perfect For Your Next Health Fair Looking for a healthy snack to give away at your next Health Fair, Wellness Event or Employee Appreciation Day….look no further and call Fruit Fresh Delivery, South Florida’s First Corporate Fruit Delivery Service at 561-404-9874!  We can provide cases of fruit or beautiful, customized assorted fruit baskets […]

  • Healthy Holiday Gifts To Those You Care About

    updated 12-24-2016
    Give Healthy Holiday Gifts To Those You Care About

    Having good Health is the Most Wonderful Gift of All!  Why not show those you work with, friends and family how much you care by giving a Holiday gift that will put a Healthy Smile on Their Faces!!  Our Fruit boxes and Healthy Gourmet Fruit & […]

  • What you need to know about Protein

    Protein Power….The Myth What do gorillas, elephants, rhinos and hippos all have in common?  They are some of the largest mammals on earth and they get 100% of their protein from plants!  So why do we as a Society think that we need to eat red meat, protein bars, put protein powder in our shakes […]

  • Knockout Hunger Smoothie

    This yummy smoothie is packed with fiber from strawberries and mangos and protein from tofu!  The beauty of fiber is that it makes your tummy feel full without eating a toni of calories.  By adding some omega-3 fatty acids from flax seed oil, you also get a boost to your metabolism and you burn more […]

  • The Myth of Meat and Dairy

    We grew up with our Moms telling us to drink our milk so we can grow strong and healthy bones.  We were also taught that we need red meat for protein and that as women we needed it for the iron to keep us healthy.  Of course our parents were telling us what they knew […]

  • Plant Based Diet-Your Natural Prescription For Optimal Health

     Did you know that 90% of all Disease in our Western World is preventable and curable through lifestyle changes?  Why is it then that we are the sickest society in the civilized world?  Today, 75% of all healthcare costs are associated with four diseases which are preventable and curable!  Check out these statistics:  *100 years ago there […]

  • Smoothie to help your skin

    Wrinkle Fighting Smoothie Smoothies can be yummy and healthy at the same time.  However,  there are some that provide extra special benefits for specific health concerns.  This is one of my favorite as I work hard to keep my skin looking smooth and wrinkle free.  This smoothie is packed with Vitamin E which comes from Wheat Germ, Omega-3 Fatty Acids from flax seed to […]