Fruit Delivery
  • Apples

    Apples are a member of the rose family There are more than 7500 varieties Natural sugar found in apples is more potent than the caffeine in a cup of coffee to keep you awake

  • Fruit Fresh Assortment

    Fruit Fresh Delivery™ at any given time has the following Fruit in stock depending on season:  Apples (5-10 different types)    Oranges Bananas Pears (4-5 different types) Grapefruit Nectarines Peaches Plumbs Grapes Starfruit   Pineapples Clementines Strawberries Raspberries Blueberries Dragon Fruit Nuts Grapples […]

  • Organic Fruit Delivery

    Organic fruits are are fruits that are produced using methods of Organic Farming.  The Organic label ensures the fruit was grown without toxic pesticides and fertilizers.   Soil management, crop rotation and fertilization techniques are free of chemically manufactured products.   Organic fruit is also more expensive due to the production scale being on a […]

  • Order Fruit

    Assorted Fruit Box Two types of Apples, Oranges and Pears is our most popular gift to send: 24.99 Pineapple, Orange and Grapefruit One large Pineapple with Oranges and Grapefruits is the Citrus lovers dream: 24.99   Small Sampler A […]

  • Office Fruit Delivery tabs

    Premium Assortment The PERFECT mix of Apples, Oranges, Pears, Peaches, Grapes, Nectarines, Kiwi, Bananas and Exotic fruit of the month. The Staples Everyone in the office loves these three most popular fruits..Apples, Bananas and Oranges. They Increase energy and Improve morale.   […]

  • Fruit Fresh Delivery

    We are South Florida's first corporate fruit delivery service.  Our goal is to help companies be healthier and more productive by providing fresh fruit as a healthy snack alternative in the workplace. 30% of the Florida Workforce is Obese or Overweight Unhealthy employees are not as productive as healthy employees Healthier employees are happier  Snacking on vending machine snacks increases sugar/sodium levels Bagels and Muffins are loaded with sodium, sugar and fatFruit Fresh Delivery brings healthy whole fruit conveniently to your break rooms Fresh Fruit costs less than bagels and muffins Fresh Fruit helps employees loose weight Fresh Fruit is healthy and improves morale and energy Providing fresh fruit shows employees you care about their health
  • Natural Energy

    updated 4-22-2017  
    All fruit contains natural sugar or fructose which helps boost your spirit and your energy level.  Each gram of fructose you consume provides

    you with 4 calories of energy. Fructose takes longer to digest and enters your stream more slowly than other simple sugars. This helps stabilize your blood sugar better than other sugar […]

  • Healthy Snacking

    While an employee’s overall diet can negatively impact workplace productivity, on the job snacking can have an even bigger impact.  A recent Brigham and Young University study reports that employees that rarely eat healthy snacks at work, like fruits and vegetables, were 93 percent more likely to have a greater loss of productivity.   […]