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Fruit for Athletic Performance and Stamina

Many Fruits are for Athletic Performance and Stamina but these are the best.

workout fruit
Eat certain fruits when you workout –>

When most people think about athletic strength and diet, protein is the most popular food.  Protein does build muscle and it also repairs them after a heavy workout.   Fruits and veggies contain micronutrients that are necessary for optimal health and performance.  These powerful nutrients produce energy and help tissue recovery during athletic training.  If the body does not get enough fruits and veggies, the body can suffer fatigue and muscle damage.  Lack of these foods can also cause a  lack of muscle strength and it can adversely affect the immune system.  Fruits and veggies are necessary for sports performance, recovery and overall fitness.

For those who exercise at a very high level, there can be a higher risk of illness and infection.  Athletes need more anti-oxidants contained in fruits and veggies to stay healthy.  Vitamins A, C, E and  magnesium and potassium come from fruit and keep the immune system strong.  They also provide strength to the muscles.  These anti-oxidants protect the body against free radicals which can damage cells.  

Vitamin C is found in berries, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, brussels sprouts and kale.  Vitamin C supports the white blood cell production and keeps the immune system healthy.

Vitamin E is found in olive oil, seed oils, kale, tomato, spinach and other leafy green veggies.  Vitamin E improves stamina during exercise.

The B Vitamins help with energy metabolism, muscle and nerve conduction.  They are in legumes, nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits.

Magnesium and potassium are all necessary for healthy muscles and nerve function.  These minerals are in green veggies, avocado, figs, apricots and bananas.

Quercetin is a flavonoid in fruits and veggies It improves mental and physical performance and can reduce risk of infection during heavy exercise.

Its easy to add more fruits and veggies to your diet.  Try a breakfast smoothie with your favorite fruits or bring an apple or banana to work to snack on during the day!  Its important to get 5-7 servings per day to keep your body healthy and for better workouts!

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Quick and Easy Liver Cleanse and Weight Loss Drink

This Quick and Easy Liver Cleanse and Weight Loss Drink will leave you happy and healthy—>

liver detox drink
Quick & Easy Liver Detoxification drink

The liver is responsible for many essential body functions.  The liver is doing things such as detoxification.  Making proteins and blood clotting factors as well as making cholesterol and triglycerides.  The liver also makes bile that helps us digest our food.  The liver breaks down insulin, drugs and alcohol as well.  Keeping our liver as free of toxins is important to our health.  This easy to prepare liver cleanse tastes great and it can also help you drop some extra pounds.  When our bodies are full of toxins, we don’t loose weight.  So this drink will get you on your way to a healthier, leaner body!

What You Need:

5 stems of celery

1 cup of chopped parsley

6 cups filtered water

juice of 3 lemons

Just place all ingredients in a Vitamix or blender.  When you are drinking this detox, be sure to drink lots of filtered water.  This will flush the toxins out of your body and reduce bloating!  Keep meals light during detoxification.

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Why Have Fruit Delivered to your office?

Why Have FruitDelivery to your office?

Benefits to your company-performance and productivity:healthy fruit at your desk

*Studies show that healthy employees are 20% more productive.  V.S. than those who are not healthy.  

*Employees who are at a healthy weight are sick.  And have lower healthcare costs than obese workers.

*Company provided fruit shows employees. You care about their health and is great for motivation!

*Fruit is loaded with natural sugar which improves energy and helps the brain focus!

Employee Benefits of FruitDelivery

*Eating more fruits and veggies protects against cancer, second to giving up smoking!

*With fruit available in the breakrooms, employees will grab fruit which is healthy.  Also less in calories than junk food found in vending machines!

*Eating Fruit helps employees maintain a healthy weight. Fruit is also great for those looking to loose weight.  Fruit fills you up with good stuff and is low in calories!

For a smooth move functioning of the body, you need an ample amount of Fruit.  Nutrients that supplied by fruits in a natural way.

The human body is an complex system and millions of complex reactions take place in it all the time.

With a busy lifestyle, our eating habits have become packed.  Packed with preservatives and processed foods.

That are not only devoid of essential nutrients but can also cause some harm to the body.

When you become ill or develop any health disorders, these can be avoided.  Also can be treated with a healthy diet rich in fruits.

Research suggests that good mood may lead to greater preference.  For healthy foods over indulgent foods.

Fruits boost your immune system and keep you in perfect health. Eating fruit and vegetables may promote emotional well-being among healthy young adults.

Cool Companies who want to promote a healthy work environment and improve productivity.  They have fruit delivered to the office!  Now you can too by calling Fruit Fresh Delivery at 561-404-9874 or visit us at  We serve all  Florida and we will give you a free box of fruit for you to check us out!

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Boca Raton’s Corporate Fruit Delivery Service

updated April 8th 2017

Fruit Fresh Delivery is the State of Florida’s only Corporate Fruit Delivery Company and we deliver healthy and delicious fresh fruit to Companies who are interested b2ap3_thumbnail_sf_fruit_delivery.pngin creating a healthier work environment.  Our clients provide fruit in the break rooms as a healthier snack alternative which is great for morale and it provides natural energy throughout the work day!  Fruit Fresh Delivery Clients know that healthier employees make for a healthier and more productive company!

Our Fruit is affordable, convenient and 100% guaranteed.  We have no contracts and we offer 1/2 off any fruit box/basket price so you and your office can check us out!  Please click on the link below and see our different selections, we offer two levels of service.  Staples is the basic apples, citrus and bananas which are the most popular fruits.  Our Premium Box offers 7-8 kinds of fruit to include grapes, mangos, pears, peaches and other seasonal fruit.
The Great News is if your Company is in Boca Raton, you get FREE DELIVERY!  
Our clients include Accounting and Law Firms, Software Companies as well as manufacturers.  We serve offices from 10 employees to over 600!
Give us a call at 561-703-8231 or visit us online at to take advantage of 1/2 off your first fruit box or to sign up for our awesome service!  Start making your Company a healthier and happier place to work!