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Office Snacking and Fruit Delivery in the Workplace

Snacking can be good or bad for our health and our weight.  Everyone needs to snack between meals to keep energy levels high.  And to keep their metabolism working at an optimal level.  Snacking at work is especially challenging and the choices are the vending machine in the break room.   Which is usually filled with

fruit at work
Fresh Fruit At Work / Office

processed snacks or sugary drinks.  They are all bad news for our health and waistlines.  On average, women consume 400 calories per day from their snacks. while men consume more than 600 calories per day from snacks.  American employees gain an average of 1-2 pounds per year.  Snacking is a huge contributor to this weight gain!

Choosing a healthy snack option at work can mean the difference between feeling more alert, motivated and energized. It can lead to fatigue and weight gain.  With the skyrocketing costs of health care and the rise of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol and obesity, companies are trying to find ways to provide a healthier work environment to include a way to incorporate healthier snacking options.  The fact is, employees are going to get hungry and snack on whatever is available to them. It’s something provided to them at no charge and they are much more apt to choose to snack on at the company.  Rather than spend their $1.50 on a bag of chips or candy.

Company-provided fresh fruit at work is a growing choice across the United States.  By providing fruit at work, employees can improve their health and cut calories at the same time.  Fruit at work is also a huge motivator and it’s great way for companies to help their employees!  After all, healthier employees are happier and more productive.  By investing in fruit, management is investing in their most valuable asset, their employees!

Corporate fruit delivery is available anywhere in the State of Florida by Fruit Fresh Delivery.  Start making your office a healthier place to work by visiting  or by calling 561-703-8231 today!  Fruit Fresh Delivery is affordable, convenient and  has no contracts!  We offer 50% off first time orders so why not give us a try!

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Control Blood Sugar with Quick Workouts

Last Updated: 11-22-2016

Diabetic health in the workplace.

Diabetologia has reported that breaking up your workouts into “snack size workouts” is healthy.  (5-25 minutes) before meals can be good for controlling blood sugar!  The key is to make sure your total exercise adds up to 45 minutes per day and 5-6 days per week for diabetics.

Any type of exercise will work whether it’s aerobic or strength training.  You can Exercise without changing into your workout gear.  Such as walking, some squats or a couple push ups.

To get the best blood sugar control results, you need to workout before your main meals.  Be sure to check your glucose numbers before and after exercise. Make sure you have a healthy snack to boost your sugar level if you need it.

Here are some cool tips to get more exercise into your workday!

1.  Set your phone to alert you every hour to get up and move.  5 minutes of stretching, lunges, jumping jacks or squats are all easy to do right in your work area!

2.  If you have a conference call, take the phone to a treadmill. Or while you are taking a walk around your office building!

3.  Keep a foot-stool under your desk to keep your feet elevated.

4.  Always stretch when you get a chance.

5.  Walk around the offices on the balls of your feet to workout your calves.

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Build a health benefit program in your office

Fruit Fresh Delivery is an advocate for healthy offices and positive employee moral.   With weekly fruit delivery, Fruit Fresh can change any workplace for the better!b2ap3_thumbnail_Fruit_work_benefit.png

Snack properly:

Yes, you read that right. Most people will advise you to stop snacking at the office entirely if you want to avoid extra weight and sluggishness. However, snacking occurs not only due to hunger, but also boredom. Snacking on healthy food instead of sugar and starch can actually help to raise your brain activity, making you more productive.

Good nutrition is the basis for any healthy lifestyle and implement WEEKLY DELIVERY FRUIT into your day. Snacking on a variety of seasonal fruit, seeds and nuts at work can provide sustained energy with many health benefits. Buying your fruit from an office fruit supplier is also a great way of ensuring that you are getting high quality fruit that is hassle free, and it’s something you can share with the rest of the office.

Workplace health programs have been found to reduce “presenteeism,” a measure of the extent to which illness and health problems adversely affect productivity of employees remaining at work.

Healthier employees less frequently call in sick or use vacation days for recovery from illness.

Better employee attendance numbers are reported by companies that support workplace health.

Because greater emphasis on health and well-being in the workplace often carries over to the employee household, employees of companies supporting workplace health programs tend to correlate with greater family nutrition, exercise habits, and less missed work time caring for sick family members.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin
Take a moment to assess your desk. How is your chair positioned? How are you sitting? How far away is your keyboard and mouse? Follow these instructions for an immediate improvement to your posture and comfort.

Back and foot positioning
When you are sitting at your desk, avoid back pain by adjusting your chair so that your lower back is properly supported. Have your knees level with your hips. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Crossing your legs can reduce your circulation, so try to avoid it.

Keyboard and mouse positioning
Your wrists should be straight when using a keyboard. To rest your wrists, leave a gap of about ten to fifteen centimetres at the front of the desk. Keep your elbows vertical under your shoulder and close to your sides. Position and use the mouse as close to you as possible. Try to keep your wrist straight when using it.

Make things accessible
Position frequently used objects, such as your telephone or stapler, within reach. Avoid repeatedly stretching or twisting to reach things. If you spend a lot of time on the phone, try exchanging your handset for a headset.


Chair height

Adjust your chair height so that you can use the keyboard with your wrists and forearms straight and level with the floor. This can help prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Screen height
Your screen should be directly in front of you. A good guide is to place the monitor about an arm’s length away, with the top of the screen roughly at eye level. If the screen is too high or too low, you’ll have to bend your neck, which can be uncomfortable. If you use bifocals, you should adjust your screen height so you don’t have to raise or lower your head to see your screen clearly.

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Office Fruit Delivery

updated 3-27-17

Fruit Fresh Delivery™ offers personalized delivery service Monday-Saturday from West Palm Beach to Miami.  We can deliver your first order within one day of setting up your account.

Fruit Fresh Delivery™ offers free delivery to the Boca Raton/Delray Beach area, for all other locations there is a $10 delivery charge.

We can ship your fruit order if you are outside of our personalized delivery area, call for more information. 561-404-9874

Our fruit is delivered in biodegradable cardboard boxes  but for regular clients who prefer a more upscale look in their offices,  we also offer an “Exchangeable Fruit Basket” Program at no extra charge.

Our delivery also includes set up in your individual break areas as well!

Fruit delivery
Office Fruit Delivery

Fruit delivery to offices in South Florida is becoming more and more popular.  With Companies facing skyrocketing healthcare costs and problems associated with obesity in the workplace, companies are looking for ways to provide a healthier workplace environment that encourages healthy lifestyle choices.  

Providing fruit at work is a cost effective tool to promote better overall healthmorale and increased energy.  Healthy employees who snack on fruits and vegetables during the day are more productive and happier!

Fruit in the office reduces absenteeism and increases moral.  Healthy Employees and Happy Employees.  Positive thinkers are eating fruit and so should your employees.

Many weight loss plans promote eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. But what is “plenty”? To many of us, it may sound like an invitation.   To nosh on sweet, juicy fruits all day long.

Fresh fruit is good for us and solid scientific research supplies ample evidence regarding the beneficial nutrients.  Antioxidants in various fruits. However, eating too much fruit can actually hinder weight loss.

Healthy office fruit delivery
Get Office Fruit delivered to your office