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Fruit for Athletic Performance and Stamina

Many Fruits are for Athletic Performance and Stamina but these are the best.

workout fruit
Eat certain fruits when you workout –>

When most people think about athletic strength and diet, protein is the most popular food.  Protein does build muscle and it also repairs them after a heavy workout.   Fruits and veggies contain micronutrients that are necessary for optimal health and performance.  These powerful nutrients produce energy and help tissue recovery during athletic training.  If the body does not get enough fruits and veggies, the body can suffer fatigue and muscle damage.  Lack of these foods can also cause a  lack of muscle strength and it can adversely affect the immune system.  Fruits and veggies are necessary for sports performance, recovery and overall fitness.

For those who exercise at a very high level, there can be a higher risk of illness and infection.  Athletes need more anti-oxidants contained in fruits and veggies to stay healthy.  Vitamins A, C, E and  magnesium and potassium come from fruit and keep the immune system strong.  They also provide strength to the muscles.  These anti-oxidants protect the body against free radicals which can damage cells.  

Vitamin C is found in berries, oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, brussels sprouts and kale.  Vitamin C supports the white blood cell production and keeps the immune system healthy.

Vitamin E is found in olive oil, seed oils, kale, tomato, spinach and other leafy green veggies.  Vitamin E improves stamina during exercise.

The B Vitamins help with energy metabolism, muscle and nerve conduction.  They are in legumes, nuts, seeds, veggies and fruits.

Magnesium and potassium are all necessary for healthy muscles and nerve function.  These minerals are in green veggies, avocado, figs, apricots and bananas.

Quercetin is a flavonoid in fruits and veggies It improves mental and physical performance and can reduce risk of infection during heavy exercise.

Its easy to add more fruits and veggies to your diet.  Try a breakfast smoothie with your favorite fruits or bring an apple or banana to work to snack on during the day!  Its important to get 5-7 servings per day to keep your body healthy and for better workouts!

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Healthy Stuff to Buy at the Dollar Store

updated 12-21-2016

The Dollar Store or Dollar Tree Chain of Stores kind of horrify me!  There’s so much junk and unhealthy stuff but if you take a look at this list of 10 things to look for next time you are near a Dollar Store, you really can find some good stuff!

Dollar store health
Health at Dollar Store
1.  Frozen Vegetables.  Frozen is as healthy as fresh and very versatile.  Load up on frozen veggies to make dinners fast and easy!

2.  Citrus Juicer.  Create your own healthy salad dressings in seconds by squeezing lemons and limes in this cool tool.  Add olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette  fresh spices and you are done.

3.  Spices.  Same spices you find in grocery stores so load up!

4.  Gardening Stuff.  Buy seeds, gloves and tools!
5.  Salsa.  Great to have on hand for a low cal dip for veggies/chips!
6.  Brown Rice.  Full of fiber and you can cook in a steamer and have enough for the entire week!
7.  Dry Beans.  Great source of protein and cheap!  Rinse beans and soak overnight in cold water.  Boil them or use a slow cooker!
8.  Oats.  Protein source!  Steal cut or old fashioned oatmeal are the healthiest.  Add to smoothies or  put over greek yogurt!
9.  Mason Jars.  Make salads to go or use them for water bottles.  Add your favorite sliced fruit and herbs and let stay in fridge.
10.  Veggie Peeler.  You can use this to make noodles out of your favorite veggies like zucchini or carrots!
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Healthy Snacking to Stay Hydrated and Full of Energy

stay hydrated and energized
Hydrate snacks for office

Updated 12-23-2016

Here are some really awesome healthy and quick snacking ideas when you spend long hours at work inside or outside.  

1.  Sliced Veggies with Spinach Hummus
Cut up carrots, peppers, celery and mix some fresh chopped spinach into plain hummus for extra energy!
2.  Turkey Roll ups
All natural turkey slices with no sodium nitrate with julienned cucumber and a little honey mustard!

3.  Gluten/Sodium Free crackers with Almond Butter and Sliced Bananas
Almond butter is packed with protein and keeps you filled up plus it has healthy fatty acids and antioxidants.  Bananas add natural sugar for energy and keep blood sugar levels stable.
4.  Apples, Dates and Cheese
Fiber packed apple with the sweetness of a Medjool date and a couple slices of cheese.
5.  Raw nuts
Almonds, cashews and walnuts with a bite of dark chocolate!  Eating 12-15 nuts is filling and good for you!
6.  Homemade Ice Cream (non dairy)
Frozen bananas and dates make an awesome ice-cream!  You can add some peanut butter or dark chocolate chips and berries too!
7.  Shrimp on a Stick
Shrimp don’t have many calories and have lots of protein.  Whip up a homemade peanut sauce for dipping!  Perfect for an afternoon snack!
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Healthy office environment, Google style

We all hear about how awesome it is to work at Google…they have all the perks!  Google understands that their employees are their biggest asset and keeping them happy and healthy is one of their top priorities.   Google and many other Fortune 100 Companies know that healthier employees are happier and best of all, they are more productive! b2ap3_thumbnail_healthy_office.png

Google employees  have access to shoot a game of pool or enjoy the indoor slides in the office or hang out and de-stress in massage chairs.  The other very cool perk is that they have free food all the time in the cafeterias and access to micro kitchens where they can find all kinds of healthy snacks such as yogurt, cereals, fresh fruit and veggies, espresso and bottled drinks.  Google showcases the healthy snacks and hides the processed, unhealthy foods from sight to discourage their employees from snacking on them. 

Googles attitude toward Wellness is very simple….they encourage their employees to get off their buts and eat healthier around the office.   They have found that this no nonsense approach to a healthier workforce is simple and it works.  Of course not all companies can afford all the perks like Google but there’s a lot to learn from their no-nonsense approach to health and fitness.  Encouraging employees to move around during the work day and have access to healthy snacks such as granola, fresh fruit & veggies can go a long way to keep employees happy and healthy! 

These are cost effective ways for companies to encourage healthier eating habits at work and more productive employees is the result!  Successful companies like Google get it… provide good stuff for your employees to eat and snack on during the work day,  and by promoting their health and fitness, you will save money on healthcare in the long run and have a happier and more productive workforce. 

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Fruit Fresh healthy office snacks

Of course FRUIT is the healthiest snack however we do agree that the temptation for something crunchy like chips will always be an urge for people.   

So our talented staff searched and came up with some healthy alternatives why in your cube or deskin it with the geeks.   

  • Carrots
  • Granola
  • radishes
  • Celery
  • Tofu
  • Raisins
  • Sugar Cane (small piece)
  • Nuts (make sure they are raw)
  • Paper Clips (just making sure you are paying attention)