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Bust Your Belly Bloat!

Bloating is a big problem for women.  Bloating is the fluid build up between the cells in our bodies.  Belly bloat can come from poor digestion, menstruation or too much sodium.  There are some diet tips that can help you get rid of belly bloat and make you feel more comfortable in your clothes.  

Bloating belly
Bust your belly bloat now!

Drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon is a great way to flush your body and get rid of toxins.    One might think that you should not drink water when you are bloated because it would add to the bloating.  The truth is that the body retains water to prevent dehydration.  So when you are bloated, it is the time to add more water, not restrict water.  Lemons are helpful as they act as a natural diuretic.  Add fresh squeezed lemon juice to warm water and it will help reduce the amount of salt in your body.

Celery is another helper to aid digestion and help keep your bowels moving.  Celery has lots of water which can control intestinal gas.   Remember to cook your veggies which makes them easier to digest.

Watermelon is 92% water.  It has natural diuretic properties and it is full of potassium.   A balance between sodium and potassium is important to prevent and control bloating.

Turmeric is another anti-bloat remedy.  It is an inflammation buster and it also helps fight pain as well.  Add some turmeric to your favorite dish or smoothie to reduce intestinal gas.

Yogurt has live cultures and is already pre-digested.  The milk sugar is already broken down which helps reduce gas and bloating.  The active cultures acidophilus and lactobacillus  are great for busting belly bloat.  Add some watermelon to your yogurt for more belly bloat fighting help!

Diet is very important to get rid of bloating.  Choose fresh whole foods instead of processed.  Limit alcohol as it leads to dehydration and that causes bloating.  Get enough sleep and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to keep your fluids moving.

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Caffeine and the effects on your body… good and bad—>

There are lots of interesting facts about how drinking caffeine affects your health. Here are some caffeine facts you may not have heard about.

Effects of Caffeine
The Effects Of Caffeine on your body
1. Drinking coffee may lower your chance of getting basal cell carcinoma and melanoma.
2. Drinking 100 mg of caffeine and 200 mg of ibuprofen has proven to be very effective to control pain.
3. Caffeine is good news for your workout as it increases energy and dexterity.
4. Drinking coffee is good for your memory and may help Alzheimer’s patients.
5. Drinking 3-4 cups of Joe per day lowers risk of stroke and heart disease.
6. Energy drinks don’t have any nutritional value and have up to 500 mg of caffeine. Consuming more than 2 in a day can be dangerous. They can also contain up to 70 grams of sugar which is 17.5 teaspoons!
7. Teens who drink more than 5 energy drinks in a week have 7x the risk of having a traumatic brain injury.
8. Drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day can help lower the risk of colon cancer and recurrence of the disease.
9. Drinking more than 4 cups of coffee per day significantly lowers your risk of oral cancer.
10. More than 500 mg of caffeine can increase insomnia and nervousness. It can also cause irregular heartbeat.
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Is What You Eat Putting You In A Bad Mood?

Is What You Eat Putting You In A Bad-Mood?

mood changing foods
Foods that put you in a bad-mood

We are all familiar with the saying “You are What You Eat.”  This is a true statement and what you eat also affects your mood.  Our brains need fuel and we get fuel from the foods we eat.  There are healthy foods that are calming and reduce stress.    There are also foods that have a negative affect on our brains that can cause mood swings and put us in a bad mood.  Junk food and processed foods are bad for our brains and mood.   These foods can cause anxiety, depression and can even make us more aggressive.

Here are some foods to avoid that can put you in a bad mood:

1.  Artificial Sweeteners and Added Sugar hurt our body’s natural ability to fight stress.   This can put us in a bad mood.

2.  Salted Nuts and Seeds.  Nuts and seeds are a great source of Omega 3’s but they are healthiest in their natural, raw state.  Sodium is a no-no for your brain and mood.  It also causes bloating!

3.  Fake Butter Products.  Margarine or any other fake butter products that are bad for your mood and for your insulin level.

4.  Deli Meats cause bloating and mood swings.   If the animals are not grown without antibiotics, you consume them too.

5.  Alcohol.  A glass of wine is good for you and your heart.  Drinking more than a couple drinks per week  lowers serotonin levels in the brain.   This increases your stress and anxiety levels.

6.  Eggs.  Choose whole eggs instead of egg whites.  Whole eggs contain protein, choline and B Vitamins which are good for your brain and mood.

7.  Coffee.  A cup in the morning is great and is healthy but too much coffee causes stress and moodiness!

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HGH Health Benefits for Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

HGH stands for human growth hormone.  A natural testosterone booster which is produced in the pituitary gland.   This is involved with cell regeneration, the growth and maintenance of healthy human tissue. And to include the brain and vital organs.  When HGH is secreted, it stays in the bloodstream only for a few minutes.  This allows the liver to change it into growth factors.  The most important of these is the insulin like growth factor called IGF-1.  IGF-1 promotes growth of every cell in the human body.

HGH benefits
Lose weight and gain Muscle with HGH

 Synthetic growth hormone was developed in the 1980’s.  And has only been approved by the FDA.  It is for uses in adults and children who suffer from growth deficiencies.  But,  HGH has quickly become the Go-To drug for those looking for the fountain of youth.  As HGH helps speed up weight loss, improves stamina, and promotes increased muscle mass.  Let’s look at some of the HGH benefits in more detail.

1.  Muscle Strength is greatly improved as HGH stimulates collagen.  In the skeletal muscle and tendons which improves overall athletic performance.

2.  Weight Loss is Improved with HGH.  The greatest weight loss being visceral fat which is the fat around the abdomen.

3.  Stronger Bones and increased bone mass.

4.  Lower Heart Disease Risk.

5.  Improved Bone/Fracture Healing.  HGH speeds up fracture healing.

6.  Decreased Obesity Levels.

7.  Natural Remedy for Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction.

8.  Improved Sleep.

9.  Brain Function and Mood are improved.

HGH is a great supplement for healthy living.  PLEASE consult your doctor before using HGH.  Fruit Fresh Delivery is not a Medical company nor gives medical advice.  These are only opinions from our Healthy writers and contributors.  Also check out Sermorelin… this is an more natural way to boost HGH levels.  In my opinion also more safe.  ALWAYS be safe, healthy and EAT FRUIT! 

*******Also Check out our Healthy Friends over at DbolMuscleSecret for hardcore tip to pack on Lean Muscle Mass!****

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CoQ10 benefits for Heart and Muscles

Whenever I walk through the vitamin/mineral section of any health food store… I see many different brands of CoQ10.  I had no idea what it was or why I should think about taking this supplement.  I started researching this impressive supplement with what it does.  It keeps our heart healthy and how it may help to keep us younger, longer.

Benefits from coQ10
CoQ10 and all the benefits.

What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that is synthesized by our bodies. This is in almost all  our cell and membranes.CoQ10. It protects our DNA and cells from damage caused by free radicals. 

What are some of the Health Benefits?

1.  One of the greatest  benefits of CoQ10 is how it supports our hearts.  In fact, the heart uses up more energy than any other part of the body.  Free radicals over time cause damage to the heart and make it weaker.  This awesome antioxidant makes the cells in the heart’s muscles stronger.  It makes the cells better produce and use energy.  It prevents muscles in the heart from weakening.  Due to oxidative damage from free radicals.  For those people who have high cholesterol and take statin drugs to lower their levels of cholesterol, they deplete the healthy CoQ10 level in the body.  So, taking CoQ10 supplements is a good idea to prevent this.

2.  Fountain of Youth?

As we age, the level of CoQ10 goes down in our bodies.  By taking this supplement, it can restore the level of this enzyme to optimal levels. It also cleanses the body of free radicals which causes our bodies to degenerate over time as we age.

3.  Lowers High Blood Pressure

4.  Increases Energy

CoQ10 helps in more than 95% of the bodies energy production!  So, this supplement is helpful for those who suffer from low energy or chronic fatigue.

Food Sources of CoQ10:








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Healthy Stuff to Buy at the Dollar Store

updated 12-21-2016

The Dollar Store or Dollar Tree Chain of Stores kind of horrify me!  There’s so much junk and unhealthy stuff but if you take a look at this list of 10 things to look for next time you are near a Dollar Store, you really can find some good stuff!

Dollar store health
Health at Dollar Store
1.  Frozen Vegetables.  Frozen is as healthy as fresh and very versatile.  Load up on frozen veggies to make dinners fast and easy!

2.  Citrus Juicer.  Create your own healthy salad dressings in seconds by squeezing lemons and limes in this cool tool.  Add olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette  fresh spices and you are done.

3.  Spices.  Same spices you find in grocery stores so load up!

4.  Gardening Stuff.  Buy seeds, gloves and tools!
5.  Salsa.  Great to have on hand for a low cal dip for veggies/chips!
6.  Brown Rice.  Full of fiber and you can cook in a steamer and have enough for the entire week!
7.  Dry Beans.  Great source of protein and cheap!  Rinse beans and soak overnight in cold water.  Boil them or use a slow cooker!
8.  Oats.  Protein source!  Steal cut or old fashioned oatmeal are the healthiest.  Add to smoothies or  put over greek yogurt!
9.  Mason Jars.  Make salads to go or use them for water bottles.  Add your favorite sliced fruit and herbs and let stay in fridge.
10.  Veggie Peeler.  You can use this to make noodles out of your favorite veggies like zucchini or carrots!
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Ways to Keep Fresh Produce Fresh

Produce fresh longer
Keep produce fresh longer

Fresh Produce is expensive and it’s perishable so finding ways to keep it fresher longer is a cool thing.  Here are some great tips how to prevent our fruits and veggies from ending up in the trash!really great tips how to

1.  Bananas that ripen too fast and get soft:

To prevent the bananas from ripening too fast, just wrap the stems tightly with plastic wrap.  This reduces the amount of ethylene emitted from the fruit.  This gas causes other fruits and veggies from ripening too fast. Try to keep bananas separated from other fruits and veggies.

2.  Soft Celery:

To keep celery from getting rubbery, wash and dry the stalks and then wrap them tightly in aluminum foil.  This will keep celery fresh for a few weeks.

3.  Limp Lettuce:

Line the crisper drawer with paper towels.  The paper towels will absorb excess moisture and keep produce crunchier!

4.  Moldy Berries:

Rinse the berries in a vinegar and water bath (one part vinegar to three parts water).  Then rinse again with water to get rid of the vinegar taste.  The vinegar kills bacteria which helps prevent mold growth.

5.  Potatoes Sprouting:

Throw an apple in bag  with potatoes.

6.  Mushrooms that get Slimy:

To keep mushrooms fresh, put them in a paper bag. D0 not plastic which keeps the moisture in and causes mushrooms to mildew.

If you can keep the moisture, then you’ll keep your greens longer.

When it comes to Bananas, Place plastic wrap around the crown of your banana.  Bunch to keep them lasting longer. Side note: If you want them to ripen super fast, place them in a closed plastic bag.

Since they emit so much Ethylene gas, they’ll ripen quickly when the gas is trapped by the bag.

Keep them in a bowl with a paper towel, and cover with plastic wrap. The paper towel will absorb the excess moisture.

When it comes to chopped up salad greens, your worst enemy is moisture.

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What is Glutathione?

using Glutathione for treatments
Glutathione is for Many Treatments

updated 1-03-2017

Glutathione is the superhero of antioxidants.

It can help stave off aging, prevent cancer, heart disease, dementia and more.

Great news is our bodies produce glutathione but due to poor diet.  Toxins, pollution, medications, stress and aging, the glutathione gets depleted.  When the body does not have enough glutathione, our cells are attacked. Free radicals and we are more susceptible to oxidative stress, infections and cancer.

The reason glutathione is so powerful is because it contains sulfur. Sulfer is a sticky, smelly molecule.  It behaves like fly paper and all the bad stuff in our body like free radicals and toxins like mercury stick onto it.  Good news is there are easy ways to boost your glutathione level.

1.  Eat More Cruciferous Veggies like broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower.  These veggies also help the liver detox the body.

2.  Eat more Fruits and Veggies.  They are high in Vitamin C and E.

 These can be found in strawberries, mangoes, oranges and veggies like kale and spinach.  Nuts and seeds are also packed with Vitamin E!

3.  Consume foods rich in Proteins and Amino Acids.  Eggs and whey protein are excellent sources of sulfur.

4.  Eat more glutathione rich produce.  Like raw avocado, asparagus, spinach, squash, melon, peaches and grapefruit.

5.  Be Active.  Get 30 minutes a day of vigorous aerobic exercise and 20 minutes of weight training 3x per week.

Glutathione regulates the production of hydrogen peroxide. This is a valuable signaling compound in small amounts but which promotes oxidative.  This is destruction of the cellular machinery in larger amounts.

Glutathione maintains vitamins C and E in their reduced, active forms.

On top of all these antioxidant functions, our cells use glutathione to make drugs.  Also toxic chemicals more water-soluble so they can be excreted.

Glutathione neutralizes lipid peroxides.  Nasty, dangerous breakdown products of the delicate and precious polyunsaturated fatty acids. found in our cell membranes.

Without glutathione, the antioxidant system breaks down. And toxic chemicals hang around to wreak havoc in our cells and tissues.

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Good for your Digestion Smoothie

Smooth Digestion smoothie
Digestion smoothie that keeps you Regular

A great way to start your day is with super healthy veggies, fruit, seeds and nut butter!  In fact, did you know that 80% of our energy goes back into digesting the foods we eat???  So, drinking healthy smoothies is a perfect way to get your nutrients in an easy to digest way.  This smoothie is probiotic rich and will give your digestive system a break!

What You Need:
2 cups of blueberries
1 tbsp flax seeds
2 cups spinach
2 tbsp almond butter
2 scoops vanilla protein powder ( I prefer veggie protein not whey)
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup coconut probiotic drink
Blend all ingredients and ENJOY!!!!
Here is some more digestion tips and information for you to enjoy:
Stay hydrated and skip the bad habits. Quit Smoking and avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol. Make sure to Eat a high-fiber diet and Get insoluble and soluble fiber. Try to Limit foods that are high in fat. Make sure to Choose lean meats. If you incorporate probiotics into your diet and eat on schedule you will notice success.
1. Chew your food.
2. Eat real foods.
3. Eat fermented and cultured foods.
4. Be good to your liver.
5. Get hydrated.
6. Manage your stress.
7. Reset with a regular detox.
8. Support your body with Glutamine.
9. Get probiotics.
10. Listen to your body.
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Healthy eating at work and on the go

Eating Healthy does not mean it has to be complicated.  Here’s some easy to prepare foods that will keep you fit, energized and feeling great without a lot of work!


1.  Raw Almonds.  Almonds are high in fiber and protein and they keep your tummy feeling full!  Great on cereals, oatmeal, yogurt or just alone as a healthy snack!

2.  Broccoli.  Broccoli is a superfood that detoxes your liver!  Tastes great raw in a salad or snack  and steamed as a side with your favorite dinner!

3.  Eggs.  Eggs are protein rich and are easy to add to a veggie omelette or quiche!  If you are concerned about cholesterol, just use the egg white!

4.  Coffee/Green Tea.  These favorite drinks are loaded with disease fighting anti-oxidants so drink up!  Green tea is the best choice as it has less caffeine.

5.  LowFat Greek Yogurt.  Great tasting breakfast, snack or dessert..just buy the yogurt without added sugar and add your own fresh fruit and nuts.

6.  Steel Cut Oatmeal.  A fabulous source of lean protein and it also helps lower cholesterol.  Add fresh fruit, raw nuts or sprinkle with some cinnamon and natural honey.

7.  Fresh Fruit.  Fruits contain natural “healthy” sugars which are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream.  They contain antioxidants and fiber and help you stay focused, energized and help with weight management!

8.  Dark Chocolate.  Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa) is super healthy and can help lower the “bad” LDL cholesterol.  It also improves blood vessel function.  Tastes awesome too!!

9.  Grapefruit.  Grapefruit curbs hunger and protects the heart against disease.  The “redder” the flesh, the healthier it is!