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Cinnamon Apple Indian Pudding with Raisins

Cinnamon Apple Indian Pudding with Raisins

pudding indian
Indian Pudding for a great snack or dessert.

This is a healthy, low sugar dessert that is easy to make and is diabetic friendly!  

What You Need:

1 egg

2 medium apples

2 cups fat free milk

2 tbsp packed brown sugar

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

cooking spray

1/3 cup cornmeal

1/4 cup raisins

What To Do:

1.  Oven preheated to 350 degrees.  Spray 6-6 ounce custard cups with cooking spray.  Place in shallow baking pan and put aside.

2.  Heat 1.5 cups of milk in a medium sized pan.  Heat until boiling. In a bowl, mix cornmeal with 1/2 cup of milk and slowly whisk into hot milk.  Cook and stir til mixture boils again.  Reduce to low heat.  Cook and stir for 5-7 minutes until thick.

3.  Remove from heat.  Stir in brown sugar and cinnamon.  In small bowl, mix with egg.  Slowly stir the hot mixture into egg.  Stir in raisins and apples.  Fill custard cups with the batter.

4.  Bake approximately 30 minutes or until done.  Add sliced almonds or shredded coconut on top for some extra deliciousness!

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Importance of a Healthy Diet and Employee Performance

work with fruit
Get healthy while you work with fruit at your desk

Did you know that one half of all deaths in the U.S. are from diabetes and heart disease? These chronic health conditions have a lot to do with our diet! The main problem is that most Americans do not get enough nutrients from the food they eat. They are not getting enough fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds, whole grains, healthy oils and fish. Americans are consuming huge amounts of salt. High Salt consumption accounts for almost 10% of heart related deaths. Americans also consume too much processed meats and sugary drinks. This accounts for another 6-9% of deaths from stroke, heart disease and diabetes.

Importance of a Healthy Diet and Employee Performance:

The message here is eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad foods and you will be a lot healthier! A healthy diet consists of 2 cups of cooked veggies and 3 servings of fruit per day. An example of 3 servings of fruit would be an apple, orange and a banana per day.

Having fruit-delivered to your workplace is one way to boost your fruit intake. Fruit at work is great for your waistline, your mood and energy level. Eating fruit during the work day prevents you from snacking on empty calories from junk food. Fruit is loaded with fiber and it keeps you feeling full longer. You don’t experience the “crash” associated with energy drinks and processed snacks. Sugar from fruit is natural and it gets absorbed into your bloodstream more slowly. Eating fruit is a healthy way to get energy from natural vitamins and minerals.
Corporate Fruit Delivery is also a cost effective way to combat “absenteeism” and to help lower insurance costs. Healthier, leaner employees miss less workdays. Healthy employees also have higher concentration levels and are more productive. Fruit in the office is one step Management can make to improve the overall health of their employees. Fruit Delivery is convenient and it is very affordable. Ask your Manager to get fruit delivered to your office today!
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Cholesterol Busting Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

Cholesterol Busting Blueberry Avocado Smoothie

Blueberry Avocado
Delicious and nutritious blueberry and Avocado

When you have high cholesterol, dietary choices can be confusing.  To find foods that lower your cholesterol that taste good is always a challenge. Cutting down on salt and eating more fiber are great for a healthy cholesterol level.  Adding fish to your diet in place of red meat is also important.

Fruit and fruit smoothies are also a great way to strengthen your heart.  Fruit contains fiber which lowers cholesterol and fruit such as avocados contain omega-3 fatty acids which are also great for heart health.

This smoothie  has protein, phytochemicals, antioxidants and it tastes great!!  This smoothie has monounsaturated fatty acids from avocados.   These fats can lower the risk of heart disease.  Avocados also are high in B-6 and folic acid which are super healthy for your heart!

What You Need:

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 cup coconut water

1/4 avocado

1/2 of a lime juiced

1 serving of vanilla or chocolate vegan protein powder

1 serving of super greens (i use frozen organic greens from Costco)


This smoothie is so delicious and sweet there is no need to add any sweeteners!  Blend all ingredients and Enjoy!  haron Baker

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Bust Your Belly Bloat!

Bloating is a big problem for women.  Bloating is the fluid build up between the cells in our bodies.  Belly bloat can come from poor digestion, menstruation or too much sodium.  There are some diet tips that can help you get rid of belly bloat and make you feel more comfortable in your clothes.  

Bloating belly
Bust your belly bloat now!

Drinking water with fresh squeezed lemon is a great way to flush your body and get rid of toxins.    One might think that you should not drink water when you are bloated because it would add to the bloating.  The truth is that the body retains water to prevent dehydration.  So when you are bloated, it is the time to add more water, not restrict water.  Lemons are helpful as they act as a natural diuretic.  Add fresh squeezed lemon juice to warm water and it will help reduce the amount of salt in your body.

Celery is another helper to aid digestion and help keep your bowels moving.  Celery has lots of water which can control intestinal gas.   Remember to cook your veggies which makes them easier to digest.

Watermelon is 92% water.  It has natural diuretic properties and it is full of potassium.   A balance between sodium and potassium is important to prevent and control bloating.

Turmeric is another anti-bloat remedy.  It is an inflammation buster and it also helps fight pain as well.  Add some turmeric to your favorite dish or smoothie to reduce intestinal gas.

Yogurt has live cultures and is already pre-digested.  The milk sugar is already broken down which helps reduce gas and bloating.  The active cultures acidophilus and lactobacillus  are great for busting belly bloat.  Add some watermelon to your yogurt for more belly bloat fighting help!

Diet is very important to get rid of bloating.  Choose fresh whole foods instead of processed.  Limit alcohol as it leads to dehydration and that causes bloating.  Get enough sleep and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to keep your fluids moving.

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Tax Season is “Crunch” Time for Accounting Professionals

Tax season is fast approaching!   This means that accountants and their staff are working 60-70 hours a week.   They are at their desks to ensure their client’s get their taxes filed by the April 15th deadline.  These four months is when most accounting firms make up to 50% of their annual revenue.

Be Healthy during Tax Time

The stress of working these long hours puts a serious strain on all accounting personnel.  Longer work days sitting at a desk in front of a computer is tough on everyone’s health and morale.  One way to keep employees healthier and motivated is to have  fresh fruit.  Fruit delivered to the office weekly is a fast growing trend.   Fruit at work is affordable and convenient and it can be eaten while employees work!

Fruit Fresh Delivery has different healthy fruit box options to meet every budget!  Fruit Fresh Delivery delivers every day and can provide fruit to any office in the State of Florida.  Call Sharon at Fruit Fresh Delivery Today.  561-703-8231 or go online at and order your fruit for your staff today!


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Office Snacking and Fruit Delivery in the Workplace

Snacking can be good or bad for our health and our weight.  Everyone needs to snack between meals to keep energy levels high.  And to keep their metabolism working at an optimal level.  Snacking at work is especially challenging and the choices are the vending machine in the break room.   Which is usually filled with

fruit at work
Fresh Fruit At Work / Office

processed snacks or sugary drinks.  They are all bad news for our health and waistlines.  On average, women consume 400 calories per day from their snacks. while men consume more than 600 calories per day from snacks.  American employees gain an average of 1-2 pounds per year.  Snacking is a huge contributor to this weight gain!

Choosing a healthy snack option at work can mean the difference between feeling more alert, motivated and energized. It can lead to fatigue and weight gain.  With the skyrocketing costs of health care and the rise of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure/cholesterol and obesity, companies are trying to find ways to provide a healthier work environment to include a way to incorporate healthier snacking options.  The fact is, employees are going to get hungry and snack on whatever is available to them. It’s something provided to them at no charge and they are much more apt to choose to snack on at the company.  Rather than spend their $1.50 on a bag of chips or candy.

Company-provided fresh fruit at work is a growing choice across the United States.  By providing fruit at work, employees can improve their health and cut calories at the same time.  Fruit at work is also a huge motivator and it’s great way for companies to help their employees!  After all, healthier employees are happier and more productive.  By investing in fruit, management is investing in their most valuable asset, their employees!

Corporate fruit delivery is available anywhere in the State of Florida by Fruit Fresh Delivery.  Start making your office a healthier place to work by visiting  or by calling 561-703-8231 today!  Fruit Fresh Delivery is affordable, convenient and  has no contracts!  We offer 50% off first time orders so why not give us a try!

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Diabetes continues to grow in work-places

Fruit Delivery South Florida

Last Updated: 11-22-2016

Right now there are 86 million Americans who are pre-diabetic and 90% of them don’t have a clue that they are!  Steps that everyone should be taking to lower blood sugar levels.  Either prevent or slow the progression of type 2 diabetes.  Healthy Eating is HUGE in this role and here are the Golden Rules For Healthier Eating.

Skip the soda, sweet tea, fancy sweet latte combos and fruit juice which all spike your sugar levels.  And provide empty calories which make you fatter and make you hungry!

 Limit junk food and anything white like rice, bread, pasta and potatoes.  The more you eat and the bigger your plate. The greater your risk of being overweight and getting Type 2 Diabetes!

*Fiber UP!! Eating a lot of high-fiber foods like fruits, veggies, beans and whole grains will fill you up and keep you leaner.  The rule to follow is 1/2 your plate should be veggies, fruits and lean protein like salmon or chicken.

*Watch Fats! We all need fats in our diet, just choose the healthy fats like olive or coconut oils, nuts, seeds and avocado.  Always go for the low fat cheeses, yogurts and milks.

*Alcohol in Moderation! Men should drink no more than 2 drinks, while women only 1.

*Choose Lean Meats! Fish two to three times a week can definitely help prevent diabetes.  Bake, broil or sauté fish not fry for the health benefits.  Lean meats are white meat chicken or turkey.  If you have to have red meat, choose those cuts with “round” or “loin” in their description.  They are lower in the bad fats.

*Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! The more hydrated you are, the less hungry you are.  The body works better when it has proper hydration and t also helps to lower blood sugar!

*Exercise Too! Mix 30 minutes of cardio and strength training to your healthy anti-diabetes diet and you will be reducing your risk of obesity and diabetes!

Eating Fruit at Work is a Great Choice to keep you feeling full, fit and energized!

Ask your Office Manager about providing Fruit at Your Office Today!  If you are in South Florida, call 561-703-8231 or visit Fruit Fresh Delivery’s website

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Fruit Fresh Delivery has been harvesting clients in South Florida

updated 11-25-2016

Fruit Fresh Delivery has been harvesting a healthy client list in South Florida. The Delray Beach based brand is ready to open its secondb2ap3_thumbnail_Fruit_Delivery_sout_Florida.png U.S. location within the next six months.  said co-founder Sharon Baker.

The company delivers boxes of fruit and other healthy snacks to offices.  Servicing hundreds of workers across the tri-county area. Including Broad and Cassel law firm,, Dell and most recently, Intel’s office in Miami.  Baker told the South Florida Business Journal.

Fruit Fresh Delivery also mails its boxes to offices in the Orlando and Tampa areas, and sometimes as far as Atlanta. Next, the company is planning to plant its seeds in Chicago.
Corporate wellness is just starting to catch on in the Midwest and East Coast.  Companies in regions like the West Coast and Europe have provided healthy snacks for their employees for years.  “For some reason, the Chicago area is on fire for wellness and we turn down business from there on a weekly basis,” Baker said. “We can also service New York and hit a lot of states from Chicago.”

“Companies are starting to get it,” said Baker, noting that unhealthy workers cost more to employ than healthy workers. “Most of Americans are overweight or obese, putting an incredible strain on companies and their health care costs.”

Co Founder Randy Schneider got the idea for their venture from his own experiences working in a corporate office.  In most cases there was “nothing but junk food to snack on.”

Schneider and Baker launched Fruit Fresh Delivery in 2011 and have four employees.

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Obesity / Diabetes in Your Office

updated 12-03-16

As of 2015, 1 out of 3 Americans are overweight or obese.  Being overweight puts people at high risk for type 2 diabetes.   Also heart disease, high blood pressure.  Some types of cancer (breast, colon, kidney) stroke and osteoarthritis.  Overweight employees are costing their employers $73.1 billion a year.  They file twice the number of workers’ compensation claims.  The fact is, the average medical claims cost per 100 employees is $51,019.   For obese employees, compared to $7,503 for non-obese employees!h b2ap3_thumbnail_fatemployees.png

Employers have a HUGE health care crisis on their hands!    American workers continue to gain weight.  The incidence of diabetes and health problems is skyrocketing!

Wellness in the Workplace is a Necessary Step to help combat this epidemic.  By providing a healthier workplace, Employers can help their employees become healthier.  Employees become more productive.  Incentives for losing weight by providing gym memberships,  health coaches, nutritional counseling, health fairs and education, and Company provided “healthy snacks” such as fresh fruit is another cost effective tool to encourage healthier weight and  health!

Fruit Fresh Delivery is Florida’s only Corporate Fresh Fruit Delivery Company.  delivers anywhere in the State.  Pricing starts at $24.99 for 30 pieces of fresh fruit and it is 100% guaranteed.  No contracts and no hassle!  Fruit Fresh also offers a Complimentary Box of 25 pieces of fruit to any Company in South Florida.  Just call in and asks for sample to share with their employees!

Fruit Fresh Delivery has been delivering fresh fruit since 2011.  Fruit Fresh is making Companies healthier, one fruit fresh delivery at a time!  Call today 561-703-8231or visit us online at and start making your office a Healthier Office!

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Control Blood Sugar with Quick Workouts

Last Updated: 11-22-2016

Diabetic health in the workplace.

Diabetologia has reported that breaking up your workouts into “snack size workouts” is healthy.  (5-25 minutes) before meals can be good for controlling blood sugar!  The key is to make sure your total exercise adds up to 45 minutes per day and 5-6 days per week for diabetics.

Any type of exercise will work whether it’s aerobic or strength training.  You can Exercise without changing into your workout gear.  Such as walking, some squats or a couple push ups.

To get the best blood sugar control results, you need to workout before your main meals.  Be sure to check your glucose numbers before and after exercise. Make sure you have a healthy snack to boost your sugar level if you need it.

Here are some cool tips to get more exercise into your workday!

1.  Set your phone to alert you every hour to get up and move.  5 minutes of stretching, lunges, jumping jacks or squats are all easy to do right in your work area!

2.  If you have a conference call, take the phone to a treadmill. Or while you are taking a walk around your office building!

3.  Keep a foot-stool under your desk to keep your feet elevated.

4.  Always stretch when you get a chance.

5.  Walk around the offices on the balls of your feet to workout your calves.