Fruit Delivery

Apples and Bananas for office energy

Apples and Bananas are the two most popular fruits in the world and they are packed with health benefits!  They are super easy to eat and the perfect snack when b2ap3_thumbnail_applebanana.pngyou are at your desk and you need an energy boost.

Apples and Bananas have natural sugar which provide fuel to your body.  Because the sugar is natural, it takes the body less time to digest and your body absorbs the complex carbohydrates and the result is Healthy Energy!!  

Apples and Bananas are great sources of fiber and is necessary to keep your digestive system working optimally.  Fiber in these fruits also help regulate cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Both fruits are high in Minerals like magnesium and potassium which are essential for healthy blood pressure and they are packed with Vitamin C and B6 which are super antioxidants and fortify your immune system and help the body metabolize carbs and proteins in the body.  

Having Apples and Bananas delivered to your office is a great way to keep your employees motivated, energized and more healthy!  




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