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35-55 Employees, includes 100+ pieces of premium fruit, picked & delivered FRESH to your office!……
15-30 Employees, includes 55+ pieces of premium fruit, picked & delivered FRESH to your office! .…
10-15 Employees, includes 35+ pieces of premium fruit, picked & delivered FRESH to your office!…
Perfect for large businesses. Includes 100+ pieces of hand picked fruit delivered FRESH to your door!…
Perfect for medium businesses. Includes 50+ pieces of hand picked fruit delivered FRESH to your door! .…
Perfect for small businesses. Includes 30+ pieces of hand picked fruit delivered FRESH to your door!…
Office Fruit Delivery to offices

Fruit Fresh Delivery started providing fresh fruit to South Florida offices in 2011. Since then, we have grown to service the entire State of Florida.  Delivering more than 900,000 servings of fresh fruit in 2016!

Fruit Fresh Delivery donates fruit to a local after school program.  The  Caring Kitchen in Delray Beach so nothing goes to waste!

Our goal is to help Companies keep their employees healthier, more motivated and more productive by having fruit to eat during the day instead of junk food! Our fruit is affordable, convenient and many Insurance Companies now pay for our fruit! Ask your Manager about having Fresh Fruit delivered to your office today!



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